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Road trip in Yucatán - Valladolid and Merida

Road trip in Yucatán - Valladolid and Merida

  Mexico has been on my bucket list for a while. And I really wanted to explore more authentic places to feel and see the Mexican culture. I decid...
Travel Guide to San Jose, Costa Rica

Travel Guide to San Jose, Costa Rica

I have been spending the past 7 months in Costa Rica. I traveled here in December with the aim of staying for one month but I completely fell in l...
Why we travel - This Way

Why we travel

There are many reasons for why we travel and I have made some of my reasons on these quotes. 
Do you agree?
Or why do you travel?
Why I developed sunscreens... - This Way

Why I developed sunscreens...

Why I started developing sunscreens in first place. 

There are so many products you can create but I started out with one of the most difficult products.

This Way philosophy in quotes - This Way

This Way philosophy in quotes

I love quote and  I get inspired by them. I am fascinated about how strong a quote is. So few words can have this strong meaning and different interpretations?! 
How to cure jet lag - This Way

How to cure jet lag

Jet lag can occur when you travel across time zones and your body has a hard time adjusting to the timedifference. The maximal time difference you can have is 16 hours which is if you travel from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.
I travel a lot between New York and Europe. Almost every month I have a round trip crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Traveling in Europe or to Tel Aviv is just 2 hours time difference (in example from London to Tel Aviv) so that is not so hard for the body to adjust to.
Destination Tel Aviv - This Way

Destination Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of my favourite cities. I love the vibe, the food, and the fact that you have the beach and city together. To me, that is quite unique. 
I grew up with my Israeli mother in Copenhagen, Denmark so I learned about the Israeli culture and food though my upbringing and she also taught me how to speak Hebrew. 
Improve your well-being - This Way

Improve your well-being

Take ten minutes of your life every day to find peace in your mind and soul. Yes, it can sound a bit spiritual and strange but the fact is that you will feel better and more in zen if you spend  ten minutes to meditate.

This Way dreamcatcher is here!

It is here! This Way dreamcatcher made in Bali. 
We believe in spirituality and like to be different. We make it our own way, This Way. 
Importance of SPF - This Way

Importance of SPF

Summer is here and I hope you are out in the sun everyday getting some vitamin D. 
Sun is important for the human being as it gives us energy, vitamin, and a tan. 
I am a true summer person and summer is with no doubt my favourite season. If it could be summer all year around I would not complain...
Dream with us - This Way

Dream with us

This Way mood and philosophy is soft and dreamy. We aim to make you dream far away and feel the sun on your skin. We love the golden colours and find inspiration on our journey. 
10 beauty tips by Julie Pallesen - This Way

10 beauty tips by Julie Pallesen

Julie Pallesen revealing her beauty secrets.

Okay guys. Are you ready for this? I care a lot about beauty and everything that is good for your body. And It is very easy to do small things that create a huge difference for a glowy and clean face.

The most common questions about beauty I get asked is what I do to get such a glow and to keep my skin so clean with all my traveling.
I would like to share with you my 10 beauty tips that I always stick to and that are pretty easy to incorporate into your daily routine.


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