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Coba and Tulum get away guide

I have been doing some trips to Mexico this year and one of them was to Coba and Tulum. I love the Mexican culture and food and the country has so much to offer that I have to split up my trips if not ending up staying there for months to see everything. 
Coba is an ancient Mayan city which is about 1 hour from Tulum. Coba is a small town but with a lot of history. You can find old Mayan pyramids which is incredible to discover and also you can find a lot of cenotes, which is underground water pools. These cenotes were used to supply the Mayans with water but now you can visit them and swim in them. 
There are a lot of different cenotes to visit in Coba, some more touristy than others. 
I stayed at the incredible hotel, CoquiCoqui, which was just beyond anything. The transformed an old ruin into a hotel with store, restaurant, and spa. The hotel is located in Coba out to a lake which gives you the feeling of bliss and secludedness. 
After spending 2 nights at Coqui Coqui in Coba I drove to Tulum for some more action. Its literally the opposite vibe Coba and Tulum. 
The drive was easy and nice as you have a lot of open markets on the road where you can buy mayan chocolate, handmade hammocks, and much more. 
Then I arrive din Tulum and spend some days with exploring Tulum Beach town with all the cute stores that I would love to share with you. 
And also, a must for me, a lunch at Nomade Hotel. 
See below:
Nomade Hotel - Lunch 
Coati Cafe Tulum - get your coffee here in the morning. 
Kaya store - Cute clothes and accessories. 
Wai Acai - go here for your Acai and also their selection of skincare and products are amazing. 
House of Cuca - I love this store. They make their own hats and ceramics but also have a cute coffee shop in the entrance. 
Hammocks in Coba.  
Coqui Coqui Hotel 
Coqui Coqui Hotel 
 Coqui Coqui Hotel, Coba 
 xx and safe travels 
Julie Pallesen

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