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This Way manufacturer in Costa Rica

This Way manufacturer in Costa Rica

This Way have started working with manufactures in Costa Rica which we are so excited to share with you our story behind. 
It is no secret that we work with manufactures around the world to find all the best ingredients and textiles of each country to bring to you. 
Favorite Bakeries in Copenhagen

Favorite Bakeries in Copenhagen

One of my favorite things to eat in Denmark is pastries and bread. The bakeries are in my opinion the best in the world! I know it’s a huge statement but I mean it. 
Bakeries is a big part of the Danish culture. In my childhood I went to the bakery on weekends and bought pastries for brunch - it was the highlight of the weekend I remember. 
Travel with us

Travel with us

This Way organic cotton beach towel is handmade in Turkey.  We work with small manufacturers around the world and find sustainable and quality p...
Travel Guide to Nosara, Costa Rica

Travel Guide to Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara is one of the hot spots places on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The place is more developed than most of the other places in Costa Rica and has proper roads, big villas, shops, and hotels. 
Nosara is known for yoga and surf which is a paradise for people doing one or both of the activities. 
Tulum Guide 2021

Tulum Guide 2021

Tulum, Mexico was one of the places I wanted to visit. It is a destination that has been on my list for a long time. 
Finally I made it happen. I went for 5 days of exploration. 
The place is a true boho chic luxury town with lots of charm and soul. Tulum is one long beach stretch and with some small towns. It is easy to navigate as there is only one road. 
The are hotels and beach club on the beach and on the road you have a lot of cute shops, restaurants, and bars. 
Best Coffee Spots in Paris

Best Coffee Spots in Paris

I am a true coffee lover and drink it religiously every morning. 
It is the first thing I look forward to in the morning and I enjoy it to the fullest every morning. 
Discover my favourite coffee spots in the chic romantic city, Paris. 
St. Tropez spots 2020

St. Tropez spots 2020

Here are some of my favourite spots I would like to share with you. Some of the places are iconic places that you might already know and then I have some new / hidden spots that you might explore next time you get the chance to go there. St. Tropez best spots in summer 2020. 

A selection of new and classic places that I love and always come back to. 

Hotel Grands Boulevards in Paris - This Way

Hotel Grands Boulevards in Paris

I stayed at the Grands Boulevard Hotel during my last visit to Paris. The hotel is located in the 2nd Arrondisement/area, which is very central an...
Ibiza 2018 - This Way

Ibiza 2018

I have had the pleasure of exploring the hippie party island, Ibiza this year. I have have been here every year the past 9 years and I am obsessed...
Borgo Egnazia - Puglia - This Way

Borgo Egnazia - Puglia

Last week I spent in the beautiful and authentic Italian city, Puglia. Puglia is on the south west coast of Italy. The nature and vibe is very Ita...
Workout places in London 2018 - This Way

Workout places in London 2018

One of the things I love about London is the fact that there are so many amazing workout places. There is no excuse for not working out. Between 6A...
Turks & Caicos island at the Amanyara Hotel - This Way

Turks & Caicos island at the Amanyara Hotel

I went to the luxurious paradise resort, Amanyara, in Turks & Caicos island. The flight is about 2 hours from Miami.Turks & Caicos are mor...


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