Our Story

“This Way is a culmination of my experiences, my education through a Masters in communications and IT from Copenhagen Business School, involvement in the fashion industry and my passion for traveling. On my adventures I felt I was missing a few travel necessities to make my journey more comfortable and beneficial to my skin. I have created a line of products for my fellow travelers with the intention of making them feel sexy and comfortable while away.

Travel is a human right.”

- Julie Pallesen,
Founder of This Way

“We create travel products and guides for your journey to make it more smart and convenient. We are essentials to your travels that can be used on and off-board.”

Where it began

Julie Pallesen established “This Way” in 2014. “This Way” is a travel blog where fashion meets travels and a healthy lifestyle, which all reflects Julie’s life. The aim with the blog is to show people the world and inspire them to travel more. “This Way” is about creating our own path in life where we need to set goals, work hard, and having a positive mindset in the process. We always have to smile and laugh throughout our journey, because that is what matters most. Julie travels the world while modeling. She shares her experiences in both business and pleasure through “This Way”.

Made with love and passion

This Way carefully chooses all the people we work with and aim to make it one big family. Our company is based in Estonia but we work with suppliers around the world and strive to maintain solid communication with them. All the products have been tested, tried, and cared for before being produced for you. We believe in having a good relationship with all our suppliers and regard this as a long-term goal for the company. We want to create high quality luxury products so you only get the best of the best.

“We are made in Spain ”

“We are produced in Spain. Our creator has been working for more than 2 years to make us happen so we can be ready for you. We have been tested on several skintypes around the world and through feedback and prototypes we are the result. We are against animal testing and have not been in contact with any of our furry friends. We keep it vegan.”

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"We are created in United Kingdom"

Notebook says: “We believe you will be more creative with us and share your thoughts inside us.”
Pocket Mirror: “Mirror, mirror in my pocket, who is the fairest nomade of them all?”

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“We are made in the far East ”

Flight socks: “We are coming from the far East and we love to travel and keep you circulating. Wear us in flights we come in two colours and two sizes. We will keep blood flowing through your feet and legs no matter how short or long your during is.”

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BPA-free plastic bags: “We too come from the far East. We are here for multiple purposes weather it is for our siblings, sunscreens, or for your small hidden gems, we keep them safe, dry, and out of sight. We are produced sustainably with BPA-free plastic because we care about the environment.”

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“We are made in Italy”

We are hand made in the beautiful Provence of Tuscany, Italy. The silk is produced by a high quality manufacture who takes great care of ensuring that we are silky smooth on your skin. We start as thread that is extracted from protein fibers, we are then dyed into our colours; Sand, Burgundy, and Ink Blue. Finally, we are spun, woven, and bound into our shapes and forms. We hope that we make you feel sexy and comfortable on your travels…

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“We are made in Costa Rica”

We are handmade of organic and natural ingredients coming from tropical Costa Rica. Our ingredients are coming from plants as cacao, trees as coconut, and herbs as lavender, sage, chamomile, and more. We are made with love and comes in sustainable aluminium packaging.

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We have created sunscreens as natural as possible, and the last few 1-3% of ingredients are chosen careful in order to make the sunscreens unique and beneficial. Who does not like benefits? We all crave that little bonus…

The creams are meant to be used when exposed to the sun, but can also be used indoors or on the moon.

All the creams are easy to apply and suitable for both men and women. The creams do not leave your skin greasy, only smooth and soft… The vision was to create clean, light products with SPF meaning you can use them whenever you feel like - and the sun will not harm you.

The philosophy behind all our travel accessories are that they are high quality, sustainable, and suitable for your travels.

This Way Gives

We strive to educate children around the world and to enhance the ability to travel around the world. Education is a fundamental resource all children around the world should have access to as well as traveling. Traveling makes people broaden their perspective in life and create bonds with new cultures and people. Our aim is to make traveling a human right!

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xx and Safe Travels,
Julie Pallesen, Founder and Creative Director