Travel Guide to San Jose, Costa Rica

Travel Guide to San Jose, Costa Rica

I have been spending the past 7 months in Costa Rica. I traveled here in December with the aim of staying for one month but I completely fell in love with this place, the energy, the people, and the life here. So I flew back to Europe grabbed some more stuff and my dog and flew back to Costa Rica. 
Every time I fly to and from Costa Rica I land in San Jose Airport. San Jose is the capital in Costa Rica and is an underestimated city. I have now been in and out of San Jose maybe 20 times and I stay for one night almost every time and I was curious to explore this city. 
Costa Rica is mainly nature and jungle and then San Jose is a proper city with malls, big supermarkets (like in The States), Starbucks, a Downtown area, etc. You feel like you are in a city where its best to move around in a car. I got a bit of LA-vibes while I was there. The way the city is located and structured is a bit like LA (in my opinion). 
Here are some of my favourite spots in San Jose that I hope you will enjoy when you visit San Jose: 
Breakfast and lunch places: 
Super yummy and cute place in Barrio Escalante
Simple Eatery
Cute place and tasty healthy food (same owner as Franco) in Escazu. 
Deli and Cafe. Cute and tasty. 
Raw and Co. 
Go here for juices, clean salads, and chia pudding. 
Restaurante Isolina: 
Nice and cosy restaurant in Barrio Escalante. Their menu is according to seasons. Here above I got the smoked eggplant risotto which was amazing. 
 Jaguar Cocina
Mexican inspired restaurant. Really tasty. 

Tiempo Real Concept Store
A super cool store showcasing different designers, many locals, in their shop. We have This Way products in the store as well. 

Apartado Creativo 
Another concept store that works with different designers. Here you find everything from small keychains, to beauty, and pillows and sandals. And also, This Way products. 

Casa 41:
My favourite hotel in San Jose is Casa41. It's a casa that they transformed into a small hotel with 5 rooms.  Its super cosy, charming, and I love the style of it. 
Every morning you get an amazing breakfast. 
Highly recommend this small hotel. 

Enjoy San Jose.
Much Love and Light 
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