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This Way manufacturer in Costa Rica

This Way have started working with manufactures in Costa Rica which we are so excited to share with you our story behind. 
It is no secret that we work with manufactures around the world to find all the best ingredients and textiles of each country to bring to you. 

Our founder, Julie Pallesen, has spend the past months in Costa Rica and explored the country. 
She found out that the country has to offer all organic natural ingredients as cocoa, cacao, oils, and other plants. 
Julie worked together with two local women to experiment with different ingredients together and test on all the people she came across. 
She saw how amazing the products were and that from all natural and organic ingredients you can make incredible products. 
This is the beginning of the first two products from Costa Rica;
Above you see the picture of one of the local women we work with who produces our organic skincare products. 


XX and Stay Safe 
Julie Pallesen 


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