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Arrived in Paradise in Sri Lanka

We arrived to the most magical place in Sri Lanka. The beach resort, Maalu Maalu Hotel is located on the beach and is an amazing five star hotel. The water is crystal clear and the sand is soft. The food they serve on the hotel is the best food I have had in Sri Lanka. Until now I have thought about the food I have eaten. I was afraid of eaten fresh food because of all the bacterias and stuff. Luckily nothing has happened so far and on this resort the food looks and taste great - nothing to be worried about! The whole photo-team arrived in out mini-bus in the evening. We installed ourselves in the cute houses before heading to the dinner buffet and chilling with some wine afterwards. Waking up the next morning was absolutely magical, like in a movie, the whole view with the sea, beach, and palms. I was speechless! I we enjoyed some hours tanning before getting started with the shoot. Take a look at my stay at Maalu Maalu Hotel!

// Doing my morning dance after my morning swim.    

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