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A Local's Guide to Monrovia, Liberia

Describe who you are in 3 sentences
My name is Andrea Kamara Dunbar, a serious foodie, passionate about development in Africa, and travel. I own 2 restaurants and an NGO that empowers rural women in Liberia and currently building a tech enabled healthy food company servicing West Africa. In my free time I enjoy cooking with my daughter and traveling.

What is your relation to this city? 
I am a Liberian and moved here in 2016 

Best experience?
Valentines Day 2015. My best friend and I visited a restaurant’s grand opening and met some amazing people. We ate, drank, and had an amazing time. We never went home to sleep..instead we went to the beach and continued the party. I am still friends with every person I met that night. 

Weirdest experience?
The hustling in the open air markets. I’ve had people try to sell me almost anything! The biggest market in Monrovia is called "Waterside Market" and you can find almost anything there. 

Your top 3 hangout spots?
- "The Living Room", which is at the top of a really nice hotel called "Royal Grand Hotel". They have amazing sushi and Thai cuisine and a great ambience.
- "The Lounge" is an awesome place to have drinks with friends and listen to great local music. 
- "The Capital Room" is an upscale lounge that has the most amazing views of the ocean with great drinks and vibe. I love going there to watch the sunset.

Favourite restaurants?
- Of course my family restaurant "Flare Kitchen" which has authentic home cooked Liberian and Southern American Meals.
- "Lila Brown" has a mix of Lebanese classics, Liberian and American cuisine. On Thursdays they have a Mexican Buffet that is to die for.
- "Family Porch", just as the name describes is a family owned restaurant that serves the best grilled fish and fried rice!

Best date place? 
I love the beaches in Liberia, so I would have to say "RLJ Kenedja Resort". You can have dinner and then walk out onto the beach at sunset.

Best Sunday spot?
"Tropicana Beach", which is great for shisha and waves.

If you were to live in another place, where would that be and why?
Hmmm...probably London. I love how diverse the city is and of course the shopping!

Where is your escape place from this city?
When I want to escape I usually head to "Libassa Ecolodge" and book a room and enjoy the nature there. Cell service isn’t great so its an awesome place to unplug.

Best 5 local advices? 
1. Kekes (3 wheeled covered motorcylces) are the best to move around in traffic.
2. Buy fresh seafood on the beaches! 
3. Older people are not to be called by their first name as a sign of respect. You can call them uncle or auntie.
4. Don’t carry a bag in "Waterside Market"... You’ll thank me later.
5. Street food is so tasty but be careful. Foreigners sometimes struggle to eat some food, especially spicy foods. Pack immodium!
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