A Local's Guide to Tisvilde, Denmark

A Local's Guide to Tisvilde, Denmark

Describe who you are in 3 sentences
My name is Noell Elise, I’m a curious soul with a constant passion for exploring new places, cultures, beliefs & how the human mind seems to create every single experience we have.

What is your relation to this city?
I live with my handsome English husband & son Travis & daughter Charliye a few kilometres outside of Tisvilde. We live in the countryside and are thankful to be surrounded by nature and have the ocean & charming Tisvilde on our doorstep. We enjoy our SUP board and mountain bikes in these idyllic surroundings.

Best experience?
Oh my the thing is the place holds so many treasures & beautiful places to be and see. Tisvilde is a very popular and active place in the summer and even though I love to dance and listen to all the live music I must admit my best experiences in Tisvilde is on a sunny autumn, winter or spring day where you can literally walk in the woods and along the beach for hours and not meet a single person. I love that kinda experience as it makes me feel extremely connected to the nature and makes me notice the wind in the trees and the way the sun kisses the ocean.

Weirdest experience?
Ha ha I have to be honest - it must be in the summer when all the old, male nudist starts to show. I have nothing against the naked body and understand why some loves to swim naked. But for some reason it’s only men plus 70 that “coincidentally” also always just happen to need to get up from their towel and walk towards me and the sea when they see me coming from a distance.

Your top 3 hangout spots?
”The Little Cafe” which is open all year around. Not only is it super cozy and amazing vegetarian food - I think it’s also important to support the places that are open all year around and not just the ones that only opens up during the summer to make money on all the tourist. A little village like Tisvilde needs places for us that lives there all year around, and I’m so grateful that it happens to be one of the best places that chooses to do so. The Little Cafe has the most cozy and beautiful backyard where you can enjoy your drinks or food.
- The beach at Holløselund which is super private and beautiful.
- But the place I hang out the most is in the woods and far out along the beach. The beauty about the woods in Tisvilde is that they are 8 times 8 kilometres up to the beach and with no roads - so it doesn’t get more quite from human noice and traffic then here.

Favourite restaurants?
“Tisvilde Kro” which is a very old building that’s been renovated with the deepest respect for maintaining the old wood etc. Plus the food there is superb.
- “Den Røde Tomat” which seriously makes the best pizza.

Best date place?
“Tisvilde Strandhotelor“Helenekilde Badehotel for a idyllic get away in beautiful old traditional danish interior and amazing food after long walks arm in arm along the beach.
Or Tisvilde Bio & Bistro during the summer where they have several small acoustic concerts with danish artists like Medina, Mads Langer, Phlake and many more. Super cozy and it’s all outdoor on their terrace in the sun.

Best Sunday spot?
Take a trip to Tibirke Bakker which is a sacred area. It’s created by nature as a result of a massive sand movement hundreds of years ago. The nature there is not like anywhere else in Denmark and then there is a few stunning old cottages that are kept in the style they where build in. If you go up to 'Udsigten' you get a 360 degree view over all the land & nature and can see villages far away and Arresø which is the biggest lake in Denmark.

If you were to live in another place, where would that be and why?
Ibiza on the non party side as I love the nature, people and the energy there. Or I would move back to Thailand where I lived with my boyfriend and son when he was a baby. We where surfing everyday and lived very basic which was the biggest gift and really made me 'find myself' again.
In Denmark there is no other place I would want to live then at these woods and beaches up here.

Where is your escape place from this city?
The beauty about living here is I don’t need to escape it. So I never leave here because I need a break from it. I leave because I have meetings in Copenhagen 40 min drive away or I leave because we fly out to travel.

Best 5 local advices?
1. Rent a SUP board at the beach and enjoy a organic coffee with oat drink or a drink at the beach bar.
2. Take the kids to or any other strawberry lover to “Rokkedysse gård” where you can pick your own strawberries from the most beautiful strawberry fields.
3. Enjoy a stunning old farm that serves great food and has activities for children atRabarbergården - and maybe pick up the best local fish you can get from “Den Friske Fisk”.
4. In the summer enjoy the only danish festival that is located on a beach where the main stage is placed with the ocean and full sunset view in the background. Musik I Lejet is so cozy but you must buy your tickets 6 months in advance and they are sold out within minutes.
5. In the village there is a little bohemian shop called House of Trends and the owners are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever meet. The things there is a mix of antiques the lady has found in Mexico, Africa and Bali and just the way they’ve created their yard and shop makes it one of the most beautiful boho places I’ve seen. Luckily for me they are open almost all year around.

What's your favorite This Way travel product?
With out a doubt both the face and eye sun protection. I’ve been looking for years for sun protection for the face that wouldn’t hurt around my eyes. I finally found it with This Way’s products and I’m so happy about this!
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