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A Local's Guide to Copenhagen, Denmark

Describe who you are in 3 sentences:
My name is Julie Zangenberg, I am a danish born actress who loves adventures, experiences and food! A proud and hardworking businesswoman (co-owner of the accessories and clothing brand ‘Cozy by Julie Zangenberg') with a heart for charity. Passion, power and love in all I do.

What is your relation to this city?
I’m Copenhagen born and raised. I love this city and my country. Lived in many other countries but are Copenhagen based for now.

Best experience?
As a foodie it’s been amazing to watch the danish food-scene grow through the last 15 years. I’m so so proud of the Copenhagen food scene - you can almost get everything here and on such a high and international level. And the art and cultural scene is super cool and unique as well - I’m very blessed to be part of it.

Weirdest experience?
Well I’ve always been in love with trying strange things so it’s not easy to single one out. But went to this installment piece/production last month that was in a private basement with an amazing singer, actress, painter, writer, flower artist and director. They called it ‘Blood and Soil’. They all performed their individual art forms but together and we sat 40-50 people on rugs on the floor. The last part of the performance was in complete darkness with strangers all around you - just being present and listening. Very intimate, cool and interesting.

Your top 3 hangout spots?
1. Christianshavn which is a very old part of Copenhagen where I live. It’s so unique and charming with buildings that are many 100 years old and it also contains freetown Christiania and a lot of canals you can sail and swim in.
2. Hotel D’angleterre and Kongens Nytorv which is the fancy part of Copenhagen. The hotel is the best there is in Denmark and I’ve lived there - and oh! the Michelin restaurant in the Hotel, Restaurant Marchal, is my talented boyfriends, Andreas Bagh. The area around contains many good foodspots, my gym and I have a lot of meetings in this area almost every day.
3. The theaters, the galleries, the ballet, The Opera House and cultural spots in Copenhagen. I need my fix;)

Favourite restaurants?
Restaurant Marchal (Michelin dining. French technique but with modern twists).
Rufino (Italian like in Italy).
Pluto (cool in-spot, buzzing vibe and a lot of people. Good food.)
Geranium (Michelin and oh so good!)
Noma (Rene for president)
Barr (Traditional danish and german food made soooo good, yummy and delicious)
Geist (in-spot by the Copenhagen food-king, Bo Bech. A little avant garde but with complete focus on taste. Really good)
Royal Garden (greasy Chinese)
Fishmarket (french bistro with GREAT seafood)
Sanchez (best mexican food outside of Mexico. Not just by my opinion but some of the best chefs in the world. And the place is super cool and urban)
La Glace (old danish cake restaurant. Go for ‘The golden tower’ and hot chocolate with whipped cream)
Bistro Boheme (a bistro with food-porn versions of the classics made by one of the godfathers of danish food-scene, Per Thøstesen. Also an in-spot with buzzing vibe.)
Balderdash (cocktailbar. Noma’s favorite in town. And everyone else with great taste;)

Best date place?
Marchal for sure.
Søllerød Kro (a little out of the city though).
Kong Hans Kælder.

Best Sunday spot?
My house! Breakfast at my terrasse. A swim in the harbour. Then food shopping for dinner at Copenhagen's best outdoor foodmarket, Torvehallerne. Get a taco at Hija de Sanchez while you shop and get an amazing coffee after. Explore aaaaall of the shops, go home, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra on, make a drink and cook for the entire afternoon and night. If I’m too hungover or tired: Chinese at Royal Garden or a steak at MASH.

If you were to live in another place, where would that be and why?
Italy. For. Sure. I’ve lived in Torino in the north of Italy and feel so at home with the vibe, way of life and obviously: the food and wine. LA is always amazing as well. I like that it’s so upbeat and ‘show-y’ and a little sad and lonesome at the same time. Maybe it’s just my experience with the city:)

Where is your escape place from this city?
Christianshavn. It’s in the city center but still ‘on it’s own in some way. And close to water so you can go swim and go straight to amazing food. It’s has a super cool vibe and a lot of artists and strange caracters live here. Vesterbro is a great place to go to for a more chilled out vibe. Or else I drive up north.

Best 5 local advices?
1. If you’re here in the summertime: use the water! Rent a little boat or just jump in the harbour! We have the most clean harbour in the world and you are allowed to swim everywhere.
2. Catch a ballet at ‘Det Kongelige Teater’ which is The Royal Theater. The ballet is on international level in Copenhagen and the building is my favorit in the whole city (located at Kongens Nytorv).
3. Eat. EAT! Do two lunches and a dinner. The food is that great here (at the right places).
4. Get a drink at Balderdash. It’s the coolest bar in town and with the best cocktails (maybe in Europe). Try their ‘dessert-cocktail’ that are to die for. Get the ‘Canard a la presse’ (The Duck Press) at Marchal. Just saying….
5. Don’t do the turist-attractions. They’re not as exciting as the cool Copenhagen vibe is or the danish food scene. Go. Walk around or bike. Look. Put your phone away. Eat. Get drunk and dance the night away!

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