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Discover This Way travel brand making sustainable high quality travel products. Our dreamcatcher are made in Bali.  

What is it?
- A dreamcatcher, which is made with the intention and purpose to protect you from bad and negative dreams and from the evil. It will fill you with love and positivity in your dreams. 

- We chose white which for us is the color of light, positivity and pureness.
- It comes in one size and one color.

How to use it:
- Hang your dreamcatcher close to an entry point like a door or window. Also ideal to be hung close to your bed.
- Stay protected with your dream catcher and/or give it as a present for a near one you want to share some love and caring for. 

- It is 50 cm. long.
- It is a small size which is travel convenient so you can bring me with you on all your journeys.

- Sleep like a baby.
- Dream only positive.
- Remove all negativity and evil from your dreams.
- Bring it on your journey as it has a travel convenient size.

xx and Safe Travels
This Way Family

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Love this!

I love my dreamcatcher I bought myself. Such a cute item to carry with me and fits every room I sleep in on my travels.