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Yoga poses in Peniche, Portugal


I love practicing yoga, and I do it 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I do an hour or two and sometimes just for ten minutes. It all depends on how busy my schedule is and how much I prioritize it over other workouts.
I began
yoga when I was 13 years old because my mother brought me to her Wednesday’s yoga classes. At that time, yoga was not so hyped, and not available so many places, so it was at the gym. For the first 4-5 years, I did not really understand the benefit of the yoga and how I could use it. Instead, I thought of it as something fun to do with my mother and a stretch and lengthening class. After high school, I had some years where I did no sort of yoga because my professional dancing career was rinsing and my core priority.
But after getting injured in my leg I prioritized yoga more than anything. I started to understand what yoga was about, or at least how I understood it. To me, yoga is about understanding your body - all the weak spots and all the strong spots. And those spots changes with time, depending on what you are doing in life, and where your mind is at.
To take yoga to the next step, I went to Costa Rica, to become a certified yoga teacher. This experience was beyond everything I have tried because it was so deep and I got to learn a whole new side of myself. Read about my experience here.
Below is some of the basic yoga postures (asanas) as well as a video so you can start practicing at home or wherever you are. I was at the Surfers Lodge Peniche in Portugal practicing yoga on the rooftop in my Fransa Fashion clothing.

[video width="900" height="674" mp4=""][/video]

Do this every morning and I promise you, you will feel like another person... (a better and less stressed person).



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