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Where to Sweat in NYC

I have discovered several workout places in New York City because I wanted to be inspired by the way New York studios creativity and amazing teachers. I work out approximately 4 times a week and I like to sweat and push myself to the limit every time I train. I always have a purpose and intention for each class, which is one of my motivations for taking on the gym clothes in first place. I like cardio training (sprints on the treadmill combined with strengthening exercises), boxing, and yoga. These are my favourite workouts but I have also tried to be more open minded and explore pilates on reformer machines because many of my girlfriends have recommended me to trying it out. So far I have explored 10 different workout places in New York, which I can recommend. They are all very different so it depends on what you like and in what mood you are in. Below are they studios listed and further down are more pictures and descriptions:
  • SLT
  • Overthrow Boxing
  • Gotham Gym
  • Rumble
  • Yoga Vida
  • DogPound
  • Y7
  • YogaWorks
  • Barry's Bootcamp
  • New York Pilates

  Overthrow Boxing Club  in New York  is a cool underground boxing place that provides 45 min. boxing and strengthening exercises. The 45 min. goes quite fast and the instructors sure make you sweat. 

The feeling after an Overthrow boxing class...

Gotham Gym in New York City is another boxing gym that provides boxing and strengthening classes, just like Overthrow boxing. However, the class is structured differently than Overthrow and most of the classes at Gotham is 1 hour. At these classes you do sparring with another person, which means you almost rest for quite some time of the class but then you also really sweat when it is your turn wearing the boxing gloves.

Gotham gym soho

Rumble-Boxing is another boxing-strenghening-class. I have only been once so I need to give it another try because it was a bit to"fitness-aerobic-kind-of-vibe" I got. But the classes are usually full, and a lot of my friends go, but I am still not completely hooked, to be honest.

The Dogpound NYC is another gym but they only have personal trainers, and no classes. I have been training a lot of boxing at Dogpound with a great instructor there. At Dogpound the people training there is a little bit different than other places, here you find a lot of models, celebrities, and so.

Pull-ups at The Dogpound NYC

Barry's Bootcamp NYC

You might know Barry's Bootcamp from other cities. I train a lot at Barry's in London but they are as good here in NYC. Barry's Bootcamp is a one hour class consisting of half the class on treadmill and the other half on the floor with weights. Each day Barry's Bootcamp focus on something different on the body; Arms and abs, legs and butt, etc. But on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it is a full body workout which is my favourite. The instructors will yield at you, and push you to the limit, another limit that you thought. I always feel like a new person after a Barry's class, but I also get tired earlier than normal because of using so much energy in these classes.

Barry's Bootcamp studio


New York Pilates had 6 studios in New York and this workout is  reformer pilates. This workout is efficient when aiming to train core and the small muscles. The method works on a deep full body stretch and strengthening and you get increased body awareness when taking these classes. However, if you are looking for a place to sweat a lot, then this is not the place, but you definitely feel like working on your body.


New York Pilates studio on Bowery street. 


Y7 Studio is a yoga studio, but it is not like any other yoga studios you have ever tried. Y7 is practising yoga in a dark room, lit candles, and with hip hop music. I have only tried their heated flow classes and it is fun, different, and a must to try.

SLT NYC  is a refomer pilates studio where strengthen, lengthen, and toning are the focus. The classes are challenging in the way that you use your core a lot and active the small muscles in the body.

Sometimes I just workout at a gym in one of the hotels if the opportunity arises. Above, I am in the small gym at the Soho Grand Hotel. I like the gym at the Greenwich Hotel, so if I go to the spa there or stay there, I always use the gym. If you are into yoga, you have to try YOGA VIDA. Yoga Vida is amazing! The instructors I have tried were superb. The level of the classes are for everyone, but the teacher will assist you during the class. I am so hooked. And it is great for me to do a lot of yoga to balance out all the hardcore boxing and cardio that I am practising. Another yoga studio I tried is Yoga Works. Yoga Works have studios all over the US and have great classes. Yoga Works is my substitute to YogaVida.

I hope I have made you excited about training in New York City. If you have heard about some studios that you want me to try out, write me a comment, as I would love to explore more for you. Then you can compare all of the studios. But remember, we all have different needs and preferences. However, what I can say is that my description of the workout places is quite general, in order for you to get a sense of what the training is about. I know the feeling of walking in the first time to a new studio in a new city, it can be kind of terrifying until you get over it. Also, the instructor of the class you choose is everything! If the teacher is amazing and you think "wow, I want to be like that" or "I cannot wait to book my next class with him/her", then you know it was the perfect teacher for you.  

Let's get fit!!


Julie Pallesen

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