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Hotel Vejlefjord Spa get-away

If you are looking for a beautiful spa get-away in the nature, Hotel Vejlefjord Spa in Denmark is the perfect spot. Hotel Vejlefjord Spa is located in Vejle in Denmark and has recently been renovated. The hotel is surrounded by beech forests and overlooking the fjord, which makes you feel far away from the city life. The hotel has a great restaurant served Danish food when its best. The spa has different areas with different spa's and experiences. There is The Thermal Baths in the middle of the forest. Moreover, there is seven pools, sensory showers, saunas and steam baths provide a treat for your senses. Furthermore, it is possible to book treatments, which I truly recommend. There is a hot yoga studio where I went for a yoga class to start one of the days. I went to Hotel Vejlefjord Spa for a two nights get-away with the intention of disconnecting and to completely relax. I went with a girlfriend so we could have this experience together and make it a girl-wellness-trip. We drove from Copenhagen in the morning and arrived to Vejlefjord in the early afternoon. Then we have booked massage treatments and that was a perfect way to get into the wellness-relaxation mode. Afterwards we spent the whole afternoon by the spa. Then we had a 3-course dinner at the restaurant, which was absolutely amazing. The day after, we went for a long walk in the forrest and fjord and enjoyed the fresh air. There is something healing and mindfull about a walk in nature. Again, we spent the whole afternoon at the spa and did a 3-times switch from an ice-cold pool to an extremely hot pool - this was suppose to be beneficial for the body. We were both screaming the first time entering the ice-cold water after being in the hot water, and the second and third time did not change. This change of temperature in the water is suppose to start the blood circulation - and I mean, I definitely felt something! Below are pictures from the idyllic Hotel Vejlefjord Spa.

In my Lovestories Intimates kimono.

A very happy person in the pool.

Yes, I am standing in the couch but I have to be creative with my pictures;)

I can definitely recommend a get-away to Hotel Vejlefjord Spa, either with your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, or whoever could like to join you for a mindfull experience.   xx Julie Pallesen
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