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Tokyo Food Guide


Traveling to Tokyo for my first time has been above ALL expectations. The city is not as hectic as presumed and the Japanese people are the sweetest, kindest, and very helpfull people. Coming with a Western background and looking nothing like a Japanese you still feel very welcomed and can't stop smiling because this city is a life changing city - it changes your mind about how to behave and being polite as well as showing respect. So here I stand, in a Japanese crossing light, and now while writing this, I smile because everything about my trip was truly fascinating and an opener in so many ways.... I will try to explain and show why on my  blog. One of the things Tokyo stranded out with is their food! The Japanese cuisine is simple, meaning its simply prepared without too many spices but the way they prepared their food is extremely tasty and melts or explodes when entered your mouth. Therefore I have chosen some of my favorite places I went together with Kopenhagen Fur who invited me to this fantastic Tokyo trip.

The Muji store as we know it from many other cities, Berlion Barcelona, etc. etc. but Muji has been taken to the next level in Tokyo. They have the Muji store on the ground floor and then in the basement they have made this great Muji Café. We went for lunch and the café was packed. Here you choose different small dishes. 



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