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St. Tropez beach restaurant guide 2017

St. Tropez has, besides the cute harbour with all different kinds of shops, a lot of beach clubs.
During my time in St. Tropez I have taken the time to explore a lot of the beaches and restaurants and here are my favourites:

La plage des Salins:

Is a secluded beach next to the beach coast, Plage de Pampelone where almost all of the beaches are. Plage des Salins is a cute and cosy beach restaurant where you have lunch with your feet in the sand, which I think is quite amazing. They serve delicious fish and I also love their grilled mais.
Moreover, they have another restaurant on top of the beach restaurant, which is open in the evenings. Here you sit an enjoy pizza and/or pasta while overlooking the sea. I have been here twice and one time I ordered their seafood pasta, which was amazing and the other time I went with a big group of friends where we shared a lot of different pizzas, which were also amazing. This place is a must to go, either day or night, or both.


Is a funky beach club in orange and white colours serving a several fresh fish. Tahiti is also a hotel, which is amazing if you want to stay near the beach and listen to the water. Very few hotels are on the beach, so that is definitely a recommendation if you prefer that.

Le Club 55:

Is my all time favourite place, and the first place I wish to go every time I get back to St. Tropez. Le Club 55 is a lunch restaurant on the beach, in the sense that there are sun beds on the beach but the restaurant are further behind the beach. They are famous for their basket of vegetables, which is a must to try. They serve it with their famous sauce and hard boiled eggs. Furthermore their menu offers meat and fish.
Finally, their desserts are divine - try their fruit tarts.


Is a hidden beach, which a lot of tourists does not find. Therefore this beach is a bit more local and chilled. Graniers beach is located close to St. Tropez town, so you can actually walk from the city to the beach, which is the only beach you can walk to.
Graniers is a smaller beach but still cool. The kitchen is good, and serving fresh fish and amazing salads.


Is the newest beach in St. Tropez. It opened two weeks ago and are already hyped and full of guests.
Shellona beach club does already exist in the French Caribbean Island, St. Barths,  where I have been several times and I love it.
The food is greek-inspired because the chef is Greek, so you get delicious greek salads, feta-rolls, etc. This place is more vibrant than Graniers, and Le Club 55, as they have a DJ playing in a DJ booth on top of the bar.


If you want a party lunch, Bagatelle is the best place to go but only in the weekends (if you want to be sure to have a party). Saturday is the “for sure” party lunch.
You must try their Truffle Pizza!!!

Indie Beach: 

Is a beautiful beach also located in Plage the Pampelone. This beach is open for day and night, as one of the very few.
The kitchen is famous for their grill. I tried tried lamb chops with a lot of starters, and it was so tasty.


Is another cool beach club, which is fairly big both the restaurant and the beach area with sun beds.
The food is good, but not as amazing as a lot of the other ones, but the atmosphere is nice.
Next to the restaurant they have lined up seven shops, which are super cute. Here you can get your nails done, buy your St. Tropez skirt or dress, find your next beach bag, or just get inspired.
There is a bar next to the restaurants which might turn out to a party scene in the late afternoon.

OPS: remember to bring your own beach towels when going to the beach clubs as a lot of them do not offer towels or they run out of them very fast.

Below are pictures from all the mentioned beach restaurants in St. Tropez:



// Le Club 55



// Le Club 55

// Moorea

// Moorea serving coconut ice-cream, which is my favorite


//Plage de Pampelone

//Tahiti beach


//Tahiti beach

//Tahiti beach

//Tahiti beach



//Indie beach

//Plage des Salins

// Plage des Salins

 // Plage des Salins



I hope you can use my travel tips for your next trip to St. Tropez. 



Julie Pallesen

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