Rome: Inside the Vatican City and Italian food - This Way

Rome: Inside the Vatican City and Italian food

I have spent 3 amazing days in the holy city, Rome (Or should I say Roma). Here I was travelling with a group of friends, more precisely, we were four couples going together.
The plan with the trip was to visit the Vatican and get a private tour inside the Vatican City, which we were very privileged to be invited to. Morten Albæk is a Danish philosopher and a dear friend. Due to Morten's profile and work with the Vatican, he arranged a private tour for us inside the Vatican City. This tour was absolutely amazing and rare. To get inside the holy state of The Vatican City, which is a independant state with approximately 800 people living inside the state together with the pope. When entering the state and Monsignor, the communication director of the pope, was telling stories about the life in the Vatican City and the history of the Catholicism, I gained a lot of respect and got a different perspective of life.
The people inside the Vatican City dedicate their life to religion and the chosen pope's main duty is to make sure that the religion gets out to the Catholic people in the clearest way.
Monsignor made a tour in the Vatican City in the gardens and explained the purpose and meaning of all the different buildings, the helicopter pad for the pope so he could get out of the Vatican, etc.

Beside our fascinating tour in the Vatican, then we spent a lot of time eating and consuming grape water (wine). Rome is filled with delicious Italien restaurants all over. We ate pasta for lunch and dinner everyday - and I have to say, that pasta DOES taste better in Italy. I am not a big pasta-eater but when I am in Italy I eat it everyday. And my other favourite dish is "melanzane parmigiana" which is an eggplant lasagne - this dish is to die for! I love it and I ate it everyday!

Below are pictures from my the Vatican City, of my outfits, and restaurants. I hope you can use them or fins inspiration for your next trip to Rome or Italian cuisine inspiration.

Restaurant: La Buca di Ripetta. Is an super low key but amazing restaurant. We went for lunch here.


Restaurant: Dal Toscano - is another fantastic Italian restaurant.
Above is picture of their pasta with white truffles. 

Restaurant: Osteria Der BelliPiazza di Sant'Apollonia, 11. This restaurant is located in the funky, vibrant, and touristy area, Trastevere. The restaurant could look like tourist-trap, but that would be very wrong to say. The restaurant is low-key and serving delicious food. Try their specialty of desert - lemon sorbet with champagne! 

Restaurant: Casina Valadier is located inside the beautiful Villa Borghese garden. This restaurant is luxurious and in a beautiful almost castle look-a-like building.

Above I am in my Italian outfit... or at least what I interpret as Italiano ;)


Hotel Aldrovandi - Villa Borghese: Is a stunning 5-star hotel next to the Villa Borghese Garden. We stayed here and had aperitivo before dinner.

With my dear friend, Julie Zangenberg, who beside her actress career has a food blog, soon a cooking book and "cosy" clothing line - so stay tuned....

Hotel Aldrovandi

Restaurant: Pierluigi is an amazing Italian fish restaurant. 

Hotel de Russie: Is a cool hotel in close to The Spanish Steps. The hotel has a chic outdoor restaurant, which is nice to come for lunch, coffee, or cake. 

Hotel de Russie


Below are

from the Vatican City.




The gang with Monsignor in the middle. Thank you for this experience Morten and Monsignor.

Thank you for this time Rome.

 xx and safe travels

Julie Pallesen 

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