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Road Trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles

I did a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which was absolutely amazing. This ride is known as being one of the ten most beautiful road trips, and I completely agree.

First I had one night in San Francisco, which was my first time in this city. But unfortunately I did not get to discover more than a ride through downtown San Francisco.
The day after I drove to a small city, Carmel, which is a very cute small town. I had dinner at the restaurant, Aubergine, in Auberge Carmel. The restaurant hosts max. 18 people, so it is a very intimate restaurant. At the same time the restaurant is very ambitious and I got their 8 courses dinner.

The day after I drove to Los Angeles. The ride took 10 hours, which usually should be a 6 hours ride, but because of closed roads, small breaks, and a detour across the hill instead of only driving on the sea side (because of construction this option was not possible).
But I have to say that this trip was absolutely fascinating. Driving on cliffs overlooking the ocean and driving on hills were the nature is amazing (especially for someone like me, who is a proper city girl and does not see too much rough nature everyday). I saw a lot of deers on the journey and that was quite amazing.

Then I made a stop in Santa Barbara and got an amazing coffee, Handlebar Coffee.
Afterwards I drove to Los Angeles and had a wonderful dinner at Chateau Marmont.


Below are pictures from my trip: 




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