Pan Dei Palace - St. Tropez - This Way

Pan Dei Palace - St. Tropez

This Way in St. Tropez at Pan Dei Palace

Good morning! 

I wake up to another fantastic summer day in St. Tropez whre I stay at the Pan Dei Palace. The hotel is an amazing Aisian meeting marrocan design with gold, wood and the colour orange as the three main elements. Importantly, is a statue of Buddha posiitoned. (Which made my thoughts be like, "of course, what else?") St. Tropez is in itself exotic but when spicing it up with an almost hiding hotel building a with only 12 rooms creates an private and hide-away vibe. The plans for today is to explore the town of Saint Tropez on foot. Followed by a trip to the beach in Pompelone where all beaches have appurtenant restaurants.  

Time to explore a new day

// My bedroom view to the Pan Dei Palace pool, restaurant, and lounge area. How beautiful!!!!

//Starting my breakfast with my first chocolate croissant of the day (when I am on vacation I eat one or two croissants a day. To me, croissants are equal to holiday or weekends). Together with grapefruit, fresh orange juice and waititng for my first coffee of the day. 

//Sitting in my

Tricot sleveless shirt observing people...

//St. Tropez harbour is full of fancy boats with silly names.... "Crazy me" and "Lazy me" are my two top boat names.



Time to hit the beach... 



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