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My favorite workout places in London

As you might have noticed I love working out and I do it about 4 times a week. And I enjoy working out even more here i London because there are so many amazing places here where I can see that they have really made an effort to make their workout studio cool and interesting. I really like when I work out and I can feel that the teacher is really into the training and want to make an effort to challenge the students, which I have found many places here in London. Also, the teachers look fit and toned themselves which is a motivation itself. Below I have listed my favorite work-out spots in London, which I go to every time I am in London.

  • Barry's Bootcamp (click here): Is a hard core workout where you sign up for a 1 hour class. During the 1 hour class you spend half the time on treadmill and the other half on the floor doing strengthen exercises (some with weights). I have really become keen on this workout and I can quickly see results on my body. This workout really pushes you to the edge and I sometimes feel like I am about to throw up but I have not done that yet. The class goes really fast as you switch between the treadmill and floor workout all the time. And after the class you can other a shake, which then will be ready for you when you have finished the workout - you really deserve that delicious shake! Photos of the studio is above and below.
  • Kobox (click here) : Is another hard core workout where boxing and strengthening exercises are the two variations in the class. The studio is really cool and the teacher's are doing everything to get you in the boxing zone.  They also have a cafe where you can get delicious shakes after the workout.
  • Core Collective (click here): Is another favorite workout spot where you can do both TRX classes, spinning classes, yoga classes, and cardio classes. I only do the TRX and cardio classes at the Core Collective and the classes are really effective. The classes are only 45 min. and the teacher's will make you work like crazy for the 45 min. They also have a cafe where you can get healthy food, coffee, and shakes after your workout.
  • TriYoga (click here): is my absolute favorite yoga studios in London and maybe in the world. They have several studios all over London and all of them er amazing. The teachers are incredible - the way they teach the way they speak and use the language of yoga (if that even is a language).... I always go here when I am in London - with no exceptions. Triyoga also has a healthy café where fresh juices, smoothies,  food, and cafes are served. 
  • Barry's Bootcamp


Sports top from Yo Studios and necklace from Maria Black

Triyoga - Soho

Green smoothie at TriYoga

London workout - wearing: Only Adidas 

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