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My 10 favourite pictures from 10 magical places around the world

My vision behind my digital traveling universe, This Way, is to allow users to explore and get motivation and inspiration to travel. From my own experiences of traveling, I have been enlightened in many ways: it has given me strength, insight in different cultures, and perspective in life. Becoming aware of whom you are and knowing your surroundings gives us confidence and power.
I have become an addicted traveler because I get high when exploring and continuously finding out more about myself both weaknesses and strengthens. The more you dare or get forced to know about yourself, the broader perspective of other people, and life do you get.

I hope you get inspired... Here are 10 places I want to highlight around in the world.

Above picture //St. Barth, French West Indies Islands

//Ibiza, Spain


//South Beach in Miami, Florida


//French Polynesia


//Marrakech, Morocco


//Black Rock City Desert in Nevada during Burning Man


//New York City


// Sri Lanka


//Rome, Italy


//Los Angeles, California


xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen



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