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Mario Badescu New York

Last times I was in New York, I got invited by Karen from BeautyHero for a treatment at the American skincare brand, Mario Badescu. Mario Badescu was established in 1967 in New York by a skin-specialist who made his own skincare line. All Mario Badescu's products are botanically-based and designed to  keep the skin luscious and beautiful. The salon offers different facial treatments depending on your skin type - so everything is customized according to the customers skin. I have tried different Mario Badescu products and is very satisfied with them. I was very excited to visit the Mario Badescu salon in New York. When Centered the salon in Midtown New York I was welcomed by the therapists working there and showed in to my treatment room. My therapist was, Carmela, and Carmela was very sweet and caring. I was very cold when I arrived so she heated up the couch and I even got heated gloves on my hands. I have never got heated gloves on before but it was amazing!! Then I could really relax and enjoy the 90 min. treatment. I have quite sensitive skin and need a lot of moist which Carmela acknowledges and gave me some advices for my skin. She recommended me a vitamin-C treatment, which consisted of cleansing, massaging both face and hands/arms and the vitamin-C mask. The amazing thing about the vitamin-C mask is like a cold gel that Carmela put on my skin about 20 minutes then she takes it off in one piece and then you can see the whole face structure in the mask - quite surreal. And more amazing is than it leaves your was softer than ever... Then she finished of massaging my face with a Mario Badescu day cream. Usually my face is left red after a facial because the therapist touch so much and squeeze everything out that they can but Carmela was more gentle with her hands, which I believe is why my skin was clean and flawless afterwards. I can definitely recommend a facial treatment at Mario Badescu salon in New York. When you book your treatment I recommend you to be open for the therapists suggestions about which treatment and products you need - they know what they are talking about!

Below are pictures from my day in New York when I went to Mario Badescu:


Mario Badescu

My Mario Badescu products

Moist and aloe is best for my skin

A grey day in NYC  


I cannot wait to go back to New York and to get another Mario Badescu treatment. xx Julie



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