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London Restaurant Guide

I know central London quite well now. The past 3 years, London is the city where I have spent most of my time. I really love the vibe of the city and I have great friends and a lot of work here, which makes it a perfect spot for me. The lifestyle is aggressive, due to everything is available 24/7 and the competition is high!

I first came to London to work at the PR agency, KCD (read more here about the Victoria's Secret show I was hosting), and now I am working full time blogging and modeling, and I find London as a perfect base for that. I know I am very privileged to being able to this, but I have worked hard to get here and I am very grateful for everything.

Well, enough about my personal reason to be here in London - what I really love and do a lot, is to eat out. I rarely cook at home because the amazing offer of restaurant in this city is just fantastic.

Therefore I have made a guide with my favorite restaurants. I have divided them up to two categories: restaurants and high-end restaurants.

Below is my list and further down are pictures, so you can get an idea of the food they serve.

The restaurants are all in Mayfair, Soho, Marylebone, and Notting Hill, as this is mostly where I spent my evenings.

Below is my selection of great and tasty dinner places in London:

      • Hoppers London, link here If you fancy something different, try Hoppers. It is Sri Lancan cuisine and it is divine.

      • Cecconis, link here (the best of the Italian food)
      • Tommi's Burger Joint, link here (If you are a burger fan like me, try Tommi's)
      • Honest Burger, link here (Probably my favourite street burger in town)
      • Blandford Comptoir, link here

      • Daylesford Organic, link here (the healthy choice for dinner)

      • Granger & Co., link here (for the healthy and tasty option)

      • The Ivy, link here (British food, brasserie style, in soho)

      • Blanchette, link here (in soho, french food, tapas style, wine)

      • Nopi, link here (Middle Eastern and Asian inspired cuisine)

      • Il Baretto, link here (truffle pizza, pasta, and fish)

        Below is a my selection of luxury high-end restaurants for a date-night or an exclusive night with girlfriends:

        • Coya, link here (peruvian food, where ceviche is a must to try)

        • Isabel, link here (Located in Mayfair and serving Argentinien food - delicious)

        • Casa Cruz, link here (Is the same owner of Isabel, but this place is in Notting Hill)

        • Gymkhana, link here (Indian michelin restaurant)

        • The Arts Club braaserie and Kyubi, link here  (Is a member's club) There is a club in the basement, a brasserie with a garden on the ground floor. On the first floor is there a lounge area and bar and on the second floor is the restaurant, Kuybi, which is a Japanese restaurant. The place is absolutely amazing and high-end.

          • Loulou's a part of 5 Hertford Street, link here (is a member's club) The club is a townhouse with a club in the basement and restaurant and bar areas across the other 4 floors. There is a rooftop terrace which is really nice too.

          • Cipriani, link here (Italian food when it is best)

          I hope you will enjoy London!!



          Julie Pallesen 

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