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Ibiza clubbing

It is hard to stay in Ibiza without engaging in any of the many fantastic parties hosted on the island. I love dancing and music is what makes me dance. I enjoy electronic and soft house music and then I can dance until the sun comes up... Therefore I have made a guide for my favorite places to shake hips and do my dancing boogie. The key for going out to dance in Ibiza is to check the DJ line-up because the DJ's plays different kinds of music and this can make a huge effect on your vibe and dancing mood. I am a bit nerdy when it comes to this music so I know what I like and go to the parties where I know who is playing...

HEART IBIZA: Is an amazing restaurant with nightclub. There is an incredible show performance while dining. The style is Cirque de Soleil-artsy and its absolutely amazing. The food getting served is many smaller dishes, which is all so so tasty and the way it is served is also "the next level"-kind of thing. The whole show was incredible to watch and you are entertained from the show begins and to the end where a DJ will take over. When the DJ comes on the dinning area gets transformed into a nightclub. Heart Ibiza is definitely worth a visit! PACHA is another nightclub definitely worth a visit. Also, Blue Marlin has great day parties. 


Destino Hotel are hosting different concerts in the evening around sunset time. Here Bob Moses are playing and they are absolutely making a fun party with their music mixes.

Me and Bob Moses

Destino hotel

Amnesia : If you are into the nightclub vibe Amnesia is one of the places to go to. I went to dance to Marco Carola playing and I looooved it!

Amnesia Ibiza



DC10: another night club in Ibiza but DC10 is a mainly outdoor nightclub,which is quite amazing after many hours dancing and sweating. 

DC10: Circo Loco


Julie Pallesen and her boogie

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