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Hotel Louison and Deliciously healthy food spots in Paris

I have spent two weeks in Paris for modeling work and during my time I explored healthy spots in Paris. Not saying that I do not enjoy all the French brasseries, I think they are absolutely amazing and charming. But for variety, I decided to explore other types of cafes, which I define as "Deliciously Healthy".

If you travel to Paris and wonder where to stay, I can help you. I have stayed at a cute and charming affordable hotel in St. Germains. Hotel Louison is a romantic and old-fashioned hotel but is new in design while keeping a bit of the old charm. Stay at Hotel Louison at get your Parisian experience.
The hotel is located on 105 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris. 

Hotel Louison is historical and you feel the old soul in the building.  In a royal family residence, which housed the illegitimate children of Louis XIV, the Hôtel Louison invites you to discover a tasteful, stylish and elegant "French-style" universe. Here, tradition meets modernity, a recipe which brings together sculpted busts, period mouldings, design furniture, graphic fabrics and Jouy canvas, etc.
The hotel provides 42 rooms and has great wifi and easy tasteful breakfast. 

//Louison Hotel


// Marlon - best for brunch

// Wild and the Moon - get your nutritionist meal 


// Cafe Pinson - in the 3rd Arrondissement.


//Fragment Paris - 76 Rue des Tournelles


// Season Paris - for deliciously healthy food (try their banana bread too)


// Noglu - go for breakfast or lunch


//Cojean - When you are on the go and needs something fast and healthy


//Umami Matcha Cafe - All the matcha you can imagine


//Le Pain Quotidien


//L'AS du Fallafel32 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 


//Republique of Coffee2 Boulevard Saint-Martin, 75010

Enjoy Paris and stay deliciously healthy!



Julie Pallesen

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