Hotel Eden Rock St. Barths - This Way

Hotel Eden Rock St. Barths

This Way is still in St. Barths.... (and never wants to leave)

Good morning! Today is a new day and I am still in paradise.. We are staying at the Hotel Eden Rock and it is absolute incredible. The hotel has named all their room names instead of numbers. We stay in "Sunrise" which is must agree is very suitable. Hotel Eden Rock has an amazing restaurant located on the cliff where their michelin chef Jean-Georges has taking name to the restaurant. 


Hotel room morning view from the terrace. 

Chilling on a sun bed listening to electronic music..... in a yoga pose??

Sunglsses from Linda Farrow, ready a good book (Dan Brown's "Angels Demons"). And I remember sun protection from La Roche Possay

I never want to leave... 




Caribbean positive beach vibes

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