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Funky Coney Island, New York

Coney Island is in the southern part of Brooklyn, New York. It takes about1 hour from downtown Manhatten to get to this funky town.
Coney Island is like a tacky but funky area with a colourful amusement park, beach, and burgers and hotdogs. This place must put on a smile on everyone. It is filled with colours and happiness and you just want to explore. This was my first time to Coney Island and for sure not my last. People told me to go here on week days as the weekends are too crowded. But come here and get a burger and an ice cream and walk around and hang at the beach.

I went here for a photo shooting but I also got some time to take some pictures myself and explore the area a little bit.
Here are some pictures from my half-day trip here.

Wearing; Plus Fine top,Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid jumpsuit, and a corn.


xx and Safe Travels
Julie Pallesen




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