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Facial treatment to the next level at Pfeffer Sal in London

I went to Pfeffer Sal beauty salon in London and my experience was top! My visit was 1 and a half hour long and I enjoyed every moment of it - my face and mind was in beauty heaven. Pfeffer sal beauty salon is located in a mew which is nice an quiet. When starting my facial treatment the dermal therapist looked at my skin and asked me all different questions. All the questions makes you feel comfortable and you feel the interest from the therapist to make a positive change during the treatment.

My treatment step-by-step: My treatment began with a double cleanse to really deep clean the skin. The therapist used Botane Whipped Cleanser that gently removes impurities whilst maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. Followed by a flower enzyme exfoliator, this helps to get rid if any dirt and debris on the skins surface. A custom blended serum of copper and medical grade organic silicone was then applied to my skin and ultrasound was used to create pathways for the cocktail to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.
Furthermore then a cooling mask was applied to calm and hydrate my skin. Then I received a face massage where an active botanical serum. The serum is packed full of goodness and helps to brighten an oxygenate the skin. Then I was put under the Dermalux LED machine for 20 minutes, focusing on the blue light which kills off acne causing bacteria helping to keep breakouts at bay.
I have never tried Dermalux LED light but I can see a tremendous change, especially on my small spots I had on eyes side of my face next to the ears. I received this facial treatment some weeks ago and I have not got breakouts on the side since.. So it definitely have done something right.
This facial treatment is like being sent to beauty heaven where you have no connection to the outside world, you have no phone ringing, you can just relax and enjoy. The dermal therapist has more than 10 years of experience and you can tell that. She can reply all your questions and she also gives her advice in order to customise the treatment for you. Furthermore she believes that everything happening in your face is connected to your lifestyle.
If you dare for a different, powerful, and efficient facial try Pfeffer Sal - they will care and nurture you like you have not tried in a loooong time. You can book the facial treatment that you believe fits you, but do not stress out about maybe wanting another facial, because the therapist will know what is best for you after the short consultation and while looking at your skin.
Below are some pictures from the Pfeffer Sal beauty Salon.
Remember to take care of your skin.  Visit Pfeffer Sal here xx Julie Pallesen
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