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Explore Hamburg

I was in Hamburg for ten days of work. During my time I got to explore the city. I like to feel the vibe of cities on my skin so I walk a lot - some days I walked 17 KM. I am very curious about new places and because I have not been often in Hamburg I felt the need to explore the city to that stage where nobody can ask you "ahh, so you went XX in Hamburg" and then I would not have been there.  I was focused on my modeling and went to a lot of  castings during the days, in the evening I was studying, blogging, and keeping in touch with friends and family. Here are some pictures from my Hamburg stay. 


Hamburg bakery and matching city bikes.

In the center of Hamburg is there a lot of shopping possibilities. I especially liked the "American Vintage" who makes amazing knitwear and in lovely colors.

I like to dream... And I dream best in Chanel.

I signed up for a membership at the Meridien Spa. They have several branches around in Hamburg and one was down my street, so I have no excuse not to go. The Meridien spa has a great fitness area and classes. I tried a yoga class in german, which went fine, compared to my non-german language skills. 

When in the gym...


I have started working out with a puls watch from Tom Tom, which is very easy to use. I was curious about how my puls variates between my different workout. The watch has all my personal data regarding height, weight, and so, which means it is quite accurate and tracks my puls under my wrist. 

My pulse variates a lot in my workouts depending on exercises but I do not see a relation in how hard the exercises are....

I went to "Cafe de Paris" in center of Hamburg which serves great brunch... and espressos.

I was cultural and saw different architecture around in Hamburg. 

It was pretty cold.... 

I went to "Deichtorhallen" which is a museum. I went to see a photography exhibition on street photography, fashion photography and political photographies from news papers etc. It had gathered everything in one, which was quite inspiring.

Hamburg city hall

I am off to model castings with my agency in Hamburg. Also every morning I take Vita Viva supplements of krill oil and beauty booster to kick start my day. 

On my Hamburg stay I had these beauty products with me to cure my skin: Jurlique cleansing foam, Tromborg facial creme, Mario Badescu "healing powder" and "Drying lotion" for my spots (I applied it as the last thing in my evening beauty routine and slept with it on) and my creme blush and creme highlighter from Kjær Weis to make me pretty during the days and get me some jobs on my castings. Last, my unisex parfume from Nasengold.

On job in Berlin...

Selfie from my photoshoot in Berlin before heading back to Hamburg.

Hamburg was great and I hope to come back soon again. I am traveling with my cool new Day luggage and my Chanel bag... together with a huge luggage for the rest. Next stop London!   xx Julie

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