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Dreamy Anantara Layan Hotel in Phuket

I had the pleasure of visiting the incredible Anantara Layan Hotel in Phuket, Thailand. 

I went for 3 days, and would have loved to stay much longer. This hotel is not like many other hotels, it is a secluded paradise resort, where luxury meets its top level. This hotel is providing the ultimate luxurious experiences for the guests. We had 2 butlers with us to make sure that we got everything exactly like we wanted. Everything you ask for will come true. I like to stay active, so they arranged Thai boxing, yoga and a visit to the food market in Phuket town.

The location of the hotel is in Phuket on the Layan coast and is the last hotel on the stretch with a beautiful quiet beach.

When you arrive you drive up and around a cone shaped hill, and on your way you come by two different lobbies, 4 restaurants, spa, fitness, pool areas, villas, and residences.

Anantara Layan Hotel offers both villas and residences. They have 30 suites and 47 villas. I stayed in one of their stunning 2 bedroom residences with pool and outdoor dinning area. The view of the house was overlooking beach and hills, and it was absolutely magical.

The hotel has a wedding chapel, so if you would like to host your wedding here, you can do that too! We drove by the chapel, and it was stunning.

When staying at the Anantara Layan Phuket hotel you feel that the generous and service-minded staff wants to give you the best experience customized for your needs.


The hotel offers four different restaurants; “Dee Plee”, which means “chili” in Thai, is their formal restaurant. I had the pleasure of dining here, and everything from the menu that I tasted was divine. The cuisine is Thai (when it’s best).

The worldwide Japanese restaurant, Zuma, does a pop-up restaurant for its second time at the resort. Unfortunately, I could not try Zuma, as I visited before the opening, which is from 15th December - mid March 2018. But I believe this will be delicious as well.

The breakfast restaurant, Sala Layan Restaurant was something extraordinary too. The breakfast buffet was spread around 3 different rooms, offering everything from Thai food, to fresh juices, various styles of eggs, cakes, charcuterie, etc. On the first day when I went into the restaurant, I came back with an empty plate to the table. I needed my coffee before taking any big decisions of what I wanted to eat from the huge breakfast buffet (which has been nominated to top 10 best breakfast places in Phuket).

One of the nights, we had a barbecue in our residence. We were enjoying the dinner outside in our outdoor temple at the residence while having served amazing fish, meat, and lots of different sauces in various chili levels.


I went to the Food Market in Phuket together with the head chef of the Dee Plee restaurant, Suthat. He explained all the different Thai fruits, vegetables, spices, and traditions in Thai food, which were very interesting to get the knowledge of.

Later the same day I had the pleasure of doing a Thai cooking class at the Dee Plee restaurant where I learned to do small appetizers; the Thai noodle course, Pad Thai, and coconut rice pudding. All the dishes were traditional Thai courses. It was very interesting to suddenly cook Thai food with all the fresh ingredients and eat my own dishes afterwards.

If you get the chance to visit the Annatara Lanyan Phuket Hotel I recommend you to book a cooking class. Suthat takes groups from 2-60 people.

When you finish the course you get a xxx and a certificate as a proof of your first level of Thai cooking skills.

The hotel has a well-equipped fitness, so I you like me, would like to be active when you are traveling, this is also possible here.

Moreover the hotel provides a stunning spa where you can get all kinds of facial and body treatments.

I practice yoga and I have done it for many years (14 years). In Thailand they have another type of yoga called, Thai Hermit exercise, which I tried. The Thai Hermit teacher came to the residence, so we could practice outside in front of the pool. Thai Hermit Exercise is active stretch movements. You use your breath to move, hold and stay in the postures, just like yoga but the postures are nothing like I have seen or practiced in yoga.

Furthermore, I practiced Thai Boxing, which I loved. The hotel has an outdoor boxing ring where I was training. I had a private teacher and he learned me how to move and hit with both arms and legs.

Water sports: If you like water sports, the beach on the hotels has kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling equipment available.

If you prefer to relax, then you can enjoy the stunning beach area, and several pool areas. I enjoyed reading books while drinking and eating coconuts at the residence.

Overall, the Anantara Layan Hotel in Phuket is a paradise. You can make your stay as chill, active, romantic, spicy as you like. Everything is possible and the food and the residences are beyond everything!

Below are pictures from my stay at the Anantara Layan Phuket Hotel:

                                                   Layan Beach

I brought my Nimue Skincare sun protection. 

At the food market in Phuket with the headchef, Suthat.

Thai Cooking Class, Spice Spoon.

Thai Boxing Class

Thai Hermit Exercise


Inside the Residence of the Anantara Layan Phuket.



Thank you for this beautiful stay Anantara Layan Phuket, it has been a dream!


xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen 


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