Destination Four Seasons Marrakech

I have just come back from the most wonderful vacation in Marrakech. First I have to say that I have never been drinking so much fresh mint tea in my life. Everywhere you go you get served a fresh mint tea and it is not polite if you do not drink the tea. Luckily I am a huge fan of fresh mint tea as I grew up with a mother serving fresh mint tea quite often. Well, I just want to prepare you, I call it the city, mint marrakech. This trip was my first time in Marrakech and I was very excited about not really knowing what to expect. However I know that I was staying at the Four Seasons Resort in Marrakech (link), which made me no reasons to doubt that it would no less than a perfect vacation. I traveled together with a close girlfriend of mine who I have known for about 8 years so she knows me very well - all my ups and downs... I guess there are more ups than downs because we are still friends.. We arrived in Marrakech airport where the Four Seasons Resort had arranged a driver to pick us up. We arrived very safe to the wonderful and gated Four Seasons Resort where my friend and I could not get our hands down as we were full of excitement after our tour in a leopard golf car (I mean, how perfect is that!). We arrived to our beautiful room with pool and palm view and a terrace where we drank moroccan tea in the afternoons. The Four Seasons Resort Marrakech was established about five years ago and is amazingly well kept. The service is outstanding - to the level I have never tried before (and I have been traveling to many luxurious places before). When laying in a cosy sun bed by the pool and eating a home-made coconut ice-cream, the staff comes and clean your glasses... I mean, me and my constantly dirty sunglasses with sun protection on they needed it. The staff was besides their politeness very smiling and welcoming. I really felt that they really liked their job and wanted me to enjoy my stay to the maximum. Only because it was my first time in Marrakech I felt the need to explore the city, but next time I might just stay at the Four Seasons Resort - they have everything you need. Every morning started with a huge breakfast buffet where you can get everything from any style of eggs you want to gluten-free muffins. I prefer my breakfast with a plate of fresh fruit, an omelet, a croissant, a fresh squeezed juice which is a mix of orange and grapefruit juice and then espressos (yes, I drink about two-three every morning). This is a perfect morning for me and the Four Seasons mastered that to superb. The resort has two pool areas; one for families and the other one for couples... or singles like my friend and I. We enjoyed the pool area without having babies screaming all the time, which I was extremely grateful for. There is nothing more annoying lying next to babies screaming on your vacation when you just want to relax. Sorry to say it, but the day I get a baby I might change my mind.. Therefore I was happy that Four Seasons have noticed the need for two pool areas. Another miner detail about the pools is that the water in the pool was.... how can I explain it... soft, like silk. I mean the was was not chlorinated. Every time I jumped in the pool I could not help noticing how soft my skin and hair became. I felt like I have been taking a shower after entering the pool.. Quite strange but I mean it deserves to be mentioned. Also, the Four Seasons Resort had both a gym and a spa. I went to the gym twice, which I was quite proud of. The gym was divided into two rooms; a cardio and a weight room. I only used the cardio room where I did some interval running followed by some strength exercises. The more fun activity was the spa, which my friend and I only explored the last day. We were so happy and satisfied by the pool that we forgot the spa. On the last day we went to check out the spa, which is a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l building with an amazing spa area. They had all kinds of treatments but the spa area was free to use by hotel guests. The spa had both two jacuzzis and a sauna - more than I needed. We went straight to our room to get our bikinis and went back to the spa. As you can sense, I am extremely overwhelmed by the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech and I cannot wait to get back. Below are pictures from the beautiful resort:

Welcoming flowers in my room together with my flower power matching Gucci bag

My Marrakech outfit

Me in one of the Four Seasons Resort library rooms

Four Seasons Resort library rooms

Pool area

Enjoying my daily coconut and passionfruit sorbet ice-cream

Another happy day at the pool

JAAAA-cuzzi time

When I forced myself to the gym in my Adidas outfit

Entrance to the Four Seasons Resort Spa

Spa time

More spa time

And more spa time with my lovely friend, Mia

Terrace view from our room

And this happened!!! One evening I came back to the hotel after having dinner and then this delicious gluten-free banana cake was prepared for me. So so grateful!

First morning espresso looks like this... and tastes good ( and I am a tuff judge)

Pyjama mornings (from Tommy Hilfiger)

The cosy lounge area of the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech

Ready for a denim night out (in Diesel)

This is how a perfect breakfast looks like!

The beautiful Four Seasons Resort in Marrakech. I will definitely come back...   xx Julie Pallesen

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