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Currently surfing in Peniche, Portugal

I am currently in the small surf town, called Peniche in Portugal. I am here with lovely  Sara, blogger, editor in chief of the health magazine, fit living in Denmark, and nutrition and sports ekspert.
We are having a sports get-away with 2 hours of surfing every day, which is so much fun. I have surfed before and it is Sara’s first time, but she is already killing it on the waves.

We are staying in the cute and modern surf lodge, Surfers Lodge Peniche, which is superb for our needs.
We wake up in the morning around 8AM, eat breakfast in the restaurant at the Surfers Lodge Peniche, and then we meet up in the surf school in the basement, where we get a wet suit and surf boards. Then we get picked up by our surf trainers and drive to the beach, which is a 5 min. drive. Then we surf for 2 hours, but there is a lot of paddling when surfing, because you need to get back to the proper spot after catching the waves. After getting a lot of sun in the face and sore in the arms, we drive back to the Surfer Lodge Peniche.
Then we have lunch and chill on the roof top. In the afternoon we do either a yoga class or our own workout. Sara is of course in charge of the workout, which we do together.
In the evening we explore Peniche and try the different restaurants but the restaurant at our lodge is great, so we spent most of our time here.

Below are some pictures from the Surfers Lodge Peniche and my new favourite outfit, which is just bikini and sandals.

My essentials when lying on the roof top:
- Gardenia fluffy sandals
- Jurlique sunscreen
- My newest book

Wearing: Stella McCartney at sunglasses and bikini, and Gardenia Copenahagen sandals. 



from the surfer girl in Peniche

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