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Courchevel 2018

Courchevel 2018

I am currently in Courchevel for my first time. Courchevel is one of the "3 valles" in the French Alpes (which is Meribel, Courchevel, and Val Thorens.)
I have been skiing maybe 10 times in my whole life so I am not a pro or very good. However my strentgh have been to study and observe other people and then do the same. And I am quite fearless as a person. Everything with speed gets me high and addicted. And if it is a little bit dangerous then it is even better.
So skiing for me is fun, adventurous, and exciting. I was fully equipped with outfit from SOS Black Snow and ASOS’s new ski line in their active wear collection 4505.
I stayed at the luxurious hotel L’Apogee which has 55 suites and rooms in total, an amazing spa with steam and two different saunas as well as a cozy bar are and two restaurants. Most importantly for a ski hotel, it has ski in and out, so you can take your ski on at the hotel and you are already on a slope. This was amazing! I remembered all my other ski trips where I spent a great amount of time hassling with all my equipment in to a bus, lift, and walking with my ski-equipment to make it to the slope.
So thank you for this L’Apogee Courchevel.
Me on the slopes:
I already told you: I am not good but I am also not bad. So that puts me in between. I take all the slopes; blue, red, and black but I prefer red.
I was skiing for about 4 hours a day with a great lunch in between and with a sauna and steam after finishing so I could warm up my body completely.
The weather has been quite cold, minus 18 celcius degrees, which is not normal for me.
Even though I was born in Copenhagen, I am much more South Europe in my mentality. That must come from my mother who is Israeli.
Shopping in Courchevel:
Courchevel has a cute city with luxury shops like; Prada, Dior, Chanel etc.
I did not enter those shops but I was curious to check out all the different ski shops which there was most of.
Eat - where?
Courchevel is packed with restaurants. I was really amazed by how many restaurants for both lunch and dinner we could choose between.
But be aware, Courchevel is very expensive. And through my experience there is no relation between the price and quality.
There is a cute Italian pizza and pasta place which was our cheapest meal but in my opinion one of the best places (I will tell you soon which place;)
So before you book a table, I recommend you to have a look at the prices.
Here is a list of my favorite places to go out and eat in Courchevel.
  • Tremplin - in the city center you will find this cozy restaurant serving all different kind of food.Their pizzas are amazing and the prices are good. (This is the place I meant further up)
  • Cap Horn  - vibrant and very "happening" place. They have an insane cake buffet.
  • Nammos - Maybe you know this place from the Greek island, Mykonos. The restaurant is Greek and very happening.
  • La Cave de Creaux - Very nice place where you can sit inside but with glass roof and walls so you feel like you are on the slopes. They also have an amazing dessert buffet including chocolate fondue.
  • Le Cendré: the best Italian restaurant in town. Their food are divine. Pizza, pasta, everything.
  • Le 1947: this place is beyond everything. Le 1947 by chef Yannick Annelo is located inside the Cheval Blanc hotel and is a 3 michelin star restaurant. They only hosts 6 tables and cares a lot about all their guests. The place is like a ufo-universe.
  • Le Tigrr: A cosy asian restaurant.


Below are some pictures from my trip:

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L'Apogee Hotel


In my SOS Black Snow outfit at Cap Horn Courchevel


Le Cendrée

Le Cendrée

Le 1947 

Le 1947

Scallop risotto with french toast and caviar

In the kitchen of Le 1947 seeing how the chef makes the second main course (our 10th dish).

Thanks for this time, Courchevel.

xx and Safe Travels

Julie Pallesen 



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