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Costa Rica

I love fashion and live it every moment BUT another side of me is sportive and adventurous. I want to share some of my pictures from my fantastic adventure in Costa Rica so you can get insight of my addiction to travels and sport. I travelled alone to Costa Rica for almost one and a half year ago. I wanted to explore a new exotic country on my own and decided that Costa Rica would be a cool place to go. I wanted to practice surfing and do a yoga teacher training and found out that Costa Rica has both. Take a look of some the highlight moments from my trip:


When flying in to the capital, San Jose I stayed my first two nights in a hotel there because I wanted to see the active Volcano, Arenal, which is about two hours drive from San José. The drive was amazing. A friend from Costa Rica whom I have met when studying in Paris was my tour guide to the Volcano. He showed me different neighborhoods, a typical costa rican restaurant and so. We drove in to Arenal which has a rain forest surrounding the volcano. When getting there my friend proposed that we could do zip lining over the rainforest. Of course, I agreed right away and the next thing I see is me getting a helmet and chains so I am prepared for the 8 zip lines.


There I stand, not looking so comfortable about being the first one doing the zip line but it was sooooooooo amazing!!!! The adrenalin kick in your body together with the fabulous view of the rain forrest and the volcano. I was speechless. We were a group of eight people doing the zip line and there were in total eight zip lines from the top of a mountain and to get the whole way down. I think this might be the most crazy thing I have ever done so far. And it is definitely not the last time.


// Arenal volcano

// Me and the volcano... The next day I took a mini bus from San José to the city, Santa Teresa, which is on the pacific site of Costa Rica. The city, or I would more call it a village, is famous for their surfing spots. The surfing was my main reason to go there and I was in surf heaving for two weeks.

// Santa Teresa beach Santa Teresa is full of hotels, yoga studios, surf shops, supermarkets, and restaurants. The vibe is extremely relaxed and everybody is talking to everybody. During my two-weeks stay I woke up everyday at 6AM and went surfing for two hours with my surf trainer or with other surfers. Then I had a healthy breakfast at my hotel and then I practiced yoga and went to hit the waves again around 4PM. Then I had dinner with some new people I have met at the hotel, on the beach, street or at yoga. Everybody was friendly and I quickly felt as a part of the small community. These two weeks was a perfect break for my life. I think it is important to take time to have a "pause" in life, to think, and to develop. I am (almost) always busy and I found it important to stop up and listen to my body and be a alone. Not saying that I was unreachable. I speak to my family every second day, if not every day, and I have some really close friends who I speak to everyday, and I still did that while being in Costa Rica. But this simple healthy life I had for two weeks was a recovery or rebuilding the body with good energy, which I absolutely enjoyed.

// My daily outfit

// Early morning stretch out with my surf trainer, Jonathan before hitting the waves.

// In  I practiced yoga on the beach while listening to the waves. How amazing is this!!

// Sunset in Santa Teresa

// My cleaning lady at the hotel I stayed at had a bicycle, which I got to borrow. It was not as good as my bicycle in Copenhagen due to no gears or breaks but who cares. I was on my way to try a new yoga studio in the other end of the city. 3KM on this bike took longer than assumed.

//After two weeks in Santa Teresa next stop in Costa Rica was to explore the caribbean site. A long bus drive and two hours on a bus is ahead of me now.

//Beautiful Costa Rica on my favorite time of the day, sunset.

When arriving to the caribbean part of Costa Rica the vibe is completely different. Only rastafari people and reggae music is playing. The city is more colorful and has markets and small shops. On my way to the caribbean site a good friend of mine from Denmark came along with me to join the yoga teacher training. We stayed at The Goddess Garden for almost month while taking the yoga teacher training from Marianne Wells. The yoga teacher training was one, if not the, most inspiring and learning rich month of my life. When first signing up for a yoga teacher training I thought I would only be taught in yoga postures and sequences but it is so much more than that. The philosophy, anatomy, and spirituality are other essential elements of the training. Also my teacher Marianne Wells, was one of the most inspiring and caring woman I have ever met.

The yoga teacher training consisted of a full day schedule and we were about 20 people in the training. The training took part in a meditation room in the middle of a jungle. We were all girls coming from different parts of the world. They were all very lovely we are all still in touch.

// Hi there.. See how I am sitting like the teacher told me to.

// This picture is taken just after having for my 200-hours yoga teacher training certificate. I have not only got progressed in my yoga postures but I have been taught knowledge of how yoga can guide you in life and how yoga is not something to practice - but something to be.


Costa Rica - see you soon! By the way, when speaking of being sporty and adventurous – have you ever been on a ski trip? I love skiing so I am thinking about going this year.    xx Namaste sponsoreret

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