Burning Man 2016 - This Way

Burning Man 2016

Finally I have managed to organise all my pictures from Burning Man festival 2016. This Burning Man Festival was my second Burning Man and I am completely hooked and I cannot wait for next year. This year was somehow different because I sort of new what to expect in terms of the weather, tent-conditions, costumes, the arriving and departure of the festival, and more, which made it a lot easier. It is always easier to pack when you have been to the place before. This year I arrived in a plane to the desert in Black Rock City, which was very convenient. I flew from Los Angeles to Reno and then from Reno I took another plane to Black Rock City. The second plane was a tiny plane filling up 15 people. Luckily the plane was only in the air for about 20 min. When arriving to Black Rock City I went straight to my camp and help setting up the camp for the first day. Some camps are more organised and luxury than others. My camp was organised, meaning food was served twice a day, if the electricity did not work then there would always be someone to help, etc. I slept in a "bedouin tent", where my bed was a mattress and there was cute funky light all over. This is quite luxurious standard compared to other camps. We were about 70 people in my camp and most of the people were from South America. Most of my days started with being waking up by my alarm at 5 AM, which is very early to be, but it is definitely worth it waking up so early to see the sunrise. Then I would take on clothes to keep me warm before the sun will come up and around 8AM when the sun has heated up the desert then I would take some of my clothes on. So the fact about organising your outfits so you carry day-outfits underneath your evening/night outfits is necessary. To me, Burning Man is all about creativity which are seen through art and music. I explored different art installations on my bike and seqway. I went to different art cars and camps to listen to amazing electronic music, which is my favourite music. Also, Burning Man is about meeting people and being open an positive, which is something I think everybody can learn something from. I try to take this positive approach to life with me when I am outside of Burning Man - in some places it is more difficult to have this approach than other places but as long as I am aware of it, that is what matters. I do not want to explain too much about Burning Man but I hope that you would like to explore it yourself. Burning Man is for everyone. How amazing the experience you will get at Burning Man is only depending on the effort you put in to it - reminder that.   Below are pictures from my Burning Man 2016 experience - how do you like my outfits and dusty pictures?


See you next year Black Rock City

I am still flying high on my Burning Man experience...    xx Julie Pallesen from her burn

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