Best Coffee Spots in Paris

Best Coffee Spots in Paris

I am a true coffee lover and drink it religiously every morning. 
It is the first thing I look forward to in the morning and I enjoy it to the fullest every morning. 
When my friends define me in my mornings they always say "do not speak to Julie before she got her espresso in the morning". I need my caffeine and smell of coffee before anything else.
In my apartment in Paris I have a barista coffee machine so I grind and make my own espresso like as if I was working in a coffee shop. And it is a pleasure for me to make coffee to others too. Maybe I should open my own coffee shop one day (the thought crossed my mind many times!)

I also like to explore different beans from across the world to find out what I like. But I like medium/dark roasted beans. When the coffee because sour I cannot! It does not give me the satisfaction and then I would prefer not drinking it. 

I have (and are still) exploring the coffee shops in Paris and I have come across many great places. 
When I go to a typical French brasserie the coffee is usually not good according to my standards. They usually make coffee with milk "Cafe Creme" and I bet that tastes fine. But I do not drink coffee with milk. I like my black coffee, espresso or filter coffee. Sometimes I would add a little splash of oat, rice, or soya milk into it. 
After all these bad coffees in brasseries I started to search for nerdy coffee places in Paris and I was actually surprised to see that there were more than I expected. 

Here are some of the coffee places I love and enjoy and they are all their own coffee roasters: 


Le Cafeoteque 

Sit by the Seine and enjoy a delicious coffee.

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This place is a cool minimalistic coffee shop serving great coffee. The café is in the Marais area.


klub, coffee, coffee Paris, coffee lover, best coffee Paris

klub, coffee, coffee Paris, coffee lover, best coffee Paris

Back in Black Coffee

Cool spot near Bastille. You can come here and work or just have a coffee. They also serve some food which a lot of the other places do not do.  


coutume cafe, paris, coffee shop, coffee lover

Coutume Cafe

Has 3 coffee places in Paris. Definitely worth visiting. 


cafe oberkamp, Paris, coffee shop, coffee lover

Cafe Oberkampf

|A cool café in the 4th Area. 


kozy paris, coffee spots, coffee love, Paris, brunch

Kozy Paris 

Is more a brunch place than a coffee spot but they serve amazing coffee so I wanted to add it to the list|. 


baguettscafe, Paris, coffee lover

Baguett's Cafe

Cute little cafe serving coffee and brunch. 


cafe spoune, coffee, cafe, Paris, best coffee Paris

Cafe Spoune

A coffee spot in the 11th arr. also serving breakfast and brunch. 


cafe fringe, coffee spot, Paris

Fringe Coffee Paris


The Broken Arm Coffee Shop

A concept store that has a great coffee shop inside. Small and compact, there can’t be more than twenty seats within the bustling and busy coffee shop on the corner of Rue Perrée. Just across the way from Square du Temple, the exterior of the café is home to just two round tables, with two seats each.

Time to get your caffeine fix in Paris. 

I hope you like my tips and you can make use of them during your next stay in Paris. 


xx and stay safe

Julie Pallesen

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