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Berlin Coffee Guide

I have explored cool and funky Berlin'er style coffee shops during my days here in Berlin. I have asked some of my friends who lives here about where they go for the best coffee, or more specifically an espresso. I really enjoy entering a coffee bar end observing the true coffee geeks behind the desk. I am fascinated about the whole culture around the coffee and how complexed the taste of coffee can be. Below are some of my favourite funky and cool coffee bars in Berlin:

Five Elephant (link here) :

are wellknown for their coffee but also for their "Philly Cheesecake".

Soho House in Berlin

Soho House Berlin (click for link): has a restaurant on the ground floor,  Cecconi's ,who makes great coffee. (You might already know Cecconi's from London, or from the other Soho Houses around the world).

The Barn Roastery (click for link)

Rosen Garden (link here)- is not just a coffee shop but a cute café, serving great coffee.

Kaffepur coffee shop (their link does not work) but the coffee bar is located on Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a in Berlin.

Bonanza Coffee Roasters (click for link) - is located in Kreuzberg makes there own coffee blends and the coffee is excellent.


Expand your coffee knowledge in Berlin...


Julie Pallesen


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