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Favorite Bakeries in Copenhagen

 One of my favorite things to eat in Denmark is pastries and bread. The bakeries are in my opinion the best in the world! I know it’s a huge statement but I mean it. 
Bakeries is a big part of the Danish culture. In my childhood I went to the bakery on weekends and bought pastries for brunch - it was the highlight of the weekend I remember. 

After traveling and living around the world I tried bakeries around the world but every time I got back to Copenhagen I had to go straight to a bakery. 
And my favorite thing is “tebirkes” which I can only get in Denmark. It’s dough with butter and honey and it’s delicious ! 
Bakeries have become a trendy activity to visit like going to a coffee shop. Most of them also have coffees and juices and a sitting area. 
During the past years there have opened some really amazing and different bakeries in Copenhagen which are all delicious in my opinion. 

Here is my favorite bakeries which I hope you will get a chance to visit:

this drømmekagesnegl 
I hope you get a chance to try some of these bakeries. (Psst. and they are open in Corona times)
Julie Pallesen


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