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Have you ever thought about surfing? Or looked at cool women surfing and thought, "I want to be like that?" Then you are not alone. For about 3 years ago I was looking at hot surf guys and cool women surfing and decided that I wanted to be like that. Then I started taking surf lessons in Tel Aviv, followed by a surf trip to Costa Rica. Then I went to Biarritz and surfed, and the past 2 years I have been surfing in the Caribbean. Surfing is one of the most amazing sports activities I have tried and it doesn't really matter if you are amazing or not, it is still super fun.

In the beginning of this year, I was researching for places to surf in Europe. I asked some friends who are surfers if there were places they could recommend, and all of them said Peniche, Portugal.

Then I did some research about places to stay and came across The Surfers Lodge Peniche. I thought it looked cool and modern and they had surf lessons as well as yoga classes and a restaurant serving tasty looking food.

Now, some days after staying at the Surfers Lodge Peniche, I can totally say that I am happy to have tried Peniche as well as this hotel.

The surf conditions are great. I was surfing every day for one and a half hour, sometimes two hours. The surf instructors connected to the Surf Lodge are incredible. Now I learned how I can catch my own waves and they gave me tips I could use along my way. The surf classes are no more than 4 people per instructor, which is really good because then you get a lot of attention, which is necessary if you want to learn how to surf and also to improve your surf skills.

Surfing is definitely the main reason to come to Peniche, as there is no real shopping or town to walk around in. The whole vibe and attraction are surfing. The harbor of Peniche is a fishing harbor, so you can find many amazing fish restaurants.

Peniche is a true surf town with many hostels and surf shops. The Surfers Lodge Peniche is definitely the most luxurious hotel you can find in Peniche. The Surfers Lodge Peniche has 17 rooms and is really home-alike and comfortable to stay at. They have yoga classes twice a week and a massage room, for people in the need of a massage. Moreover, they have a rooftop with a pool and a Moroccan inspired tanning and chilling area. There is DJ and/or live music on the rooftop every week and also in the restaurant facing out to the street.

I can highly recommend the Surfers Lodge Peniche, if you like me, want it a little more fancy than a hostel, but still want the true surfer life vibe.

Below are pictures from the Surfers Lodge Peniche.


I cannot wait to come back.



Julie Pallesen

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