City guide to Mexico City

City guide to Mexico City

I went for a four day trip to Mexico City which is a destination that has been on my bucket list for some years now. 
I have heard so many good things about this huge city and that food was amazing!
I planned the trip 6 weeks in advance and started making reservations as I know that a lot of the restaurants are in high demand. And even 6 weeks in advance wasn't enough to get all the restaurants I wanted but I had a long list with places I wanted to try and only 4 days. 

I stayed in Condesa area which is a safe area. Also Roma area which is next to Condesa is another safe area that you can walk freely in also during the night. 
I went with my boyfriend and we practically just wanted to do a culinary trip with lots of food, culture, and lots of walking. 

The streets are filled with warm vibes of live music, dogs, locals doing sports (jogging, biking etc). and you really feel that this city is alive. In Mexico City you find only beautiful architect buildings which are either old and charming which brings you mind back to an old school movie or they are new and modern which also has its charm. 

Below are all my favourite spots I went and I highly highly recommend you to visit Mexico City at some point. 
Museo Soumaya
Is a privately owned museum. The building is outstanding and inside you will find European and Mexican art. Its definitely worth visiting. 
Another exhibition I went to was Frida Immersive. This was a Frida Kahlo light and art installation which has 45 min. duration and it explains and shows Frida's life and art. 
 Frida Immersive is located in Fronton Mexico. 
You will find a lot of coffee shops and organic shops in Mexico City. One that I really loved and went to several times was Casa Bruna.
 They make coffee, bread, as well as sell coffee beans, natural soaps, chocolate and more. 
I can spend hours in these kinds of shops. 
Casa Bruna, Mexico City. 
 Rosetta Panaderia
very popular bakery (and I understand why). This place is not just beautiful and cosy but their pastries are very delicious and so are their coffee. 
I sat at the bar and tried some pastries. 
 Puyol Restaurant has been a dream restaurant for me to try for years now. Actually since I saw the episode on Chef's Table about chef Enrique Olvera. I love Mexican food and to make Mexican street food high end was a must for me to try. 

I went to lunch where we got a 7 course tasting menu. And wow. Everything was so delicious. Every bite was unreal. So tasty. So many flavours. 
I get why the hype is still there. 
Maximo Bistrot
A very nice bistro which serve delicious drinks and vey very good food. 
I have to say that everything I ate here was incredible. And their Wagyu burger was probably the best burger I have had in my life! (And I eat a lot of burgers). 
 Maximo Bistrot 
Rosetta Restaurant
A restaurant located in a cosy and beautiful house. You feel like you are invited to someones home and then having a home cooked romantic meal. 
 Rosetta Restaurant
 Huset - (sounds Danish but serves Mexican food) 
You enter a cosy garden and has delicious lunch or dinner. I went for lunch and had various salads and cheesecake with tequila for dessert (see below). The cake is a must try!
 Cheesecake with tequila at Huset. 
 Ojo de Agua
A healthy cafe chain of healthy food; from açai bowls to avocado toasts and green juices. If you feel like something healthy go to Ojo de Agua. Tasty and healthy. 
 Another spot I recommend trying is Lardo. Lardo is a café that is perfect for breakfast or lunch. I went there on a Sunday where that was a long queue outside but it went kind of fast and it was definitely worth the waiting. 
I stayed at Casa Comtesse hotel in Condesa area. This is a really cute boutique hotel with 7 rooms. The service is good and intimate. 
You have a breakfast buffet every morning and then you are ready to start your day. 
Ciao for now Mexico City. 
I will be back again soon. 

xx and Safe Travels to you all 
Julie Pallesen 
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