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A Local's Guide to Tel Aviv, Israel

Describe who you are in 3 sentences:
My name is Pini Zomer, I’m a 37 y/o fashion stylist born and raised in Israel, until 2004 lived in Ramat Hasharon, then moved to Tel Aviv for university, which I have a degree in Media and Film from. After my studies, I moved to Hong Kong, lived there for 5.5 years, and discovered my passion for styling there.

What is your relation to this city?
I’ve lived in Tel Aviv from 2004 with a 5.5 years break. Tel Aviv for me is home, my father is originally from the city so all of my childhood I have been going to see my grandmother and as I grew up, I spent more and more time in the city. It is probably ranked #1 in my favorite cities.

Best experience?
Living here is the best experience. I don’t think I can sum it up for one experience.

Weirdest experience?
Mmmmm…. I can’t really think of something weird. But if weird happen it will happen here, nothing can surprise me anymore. Tel Aviv have the most diverse population.

Your top 3 hangout spots?
- "Ijo and Babet", local bar located on Dizzengoff street, I used to work there and I have a weak spot for that place. 
- "Rova TLV", a coffee place/wine bar, big variety of wine and great food.
- "Deda", located on Ben Gurioun/Ben Yehuda crossing and is a small booth that sell coffee and you can sit on.
- Ben Gurion BLVD and check out the people that come and go to the beach. Best spot to check out the hot men and women of Tel Aviv.

Favourite restaurants?
- "Manta Ray", a Mediterranean and fish restaurant with a terrace looking on to the Manta Ray beach. I always take friends from abroad there for dinner, food is great and I love the vibe there.
- "Onami", Japanese restaurant located in the business district of Ha’arbaa St. offers a wide range of Sushi and Japanese dish. My recommendation: 'Agadashi Tofu', yummy!
- "The Market", a vegan place on Dizzengoff St. Offers stews and fresh salads, all vegan and delicious dishes.

Best date place?
I would have to say that my favorite place is the hill by Hilton Hotel overlooking the beach; I usually like to go there for sunsets with a bottle of wine instead of sitting in a bar.

Best Sunday spot?
"Hotel Montefiore" is a great spot for Sunday (which in Israel is Saturday) brunch, if you are up for some sun then definitely the beach is your spot for Sunday.

If you were to live in another place, where would that be and why?
NYC, I love that city, the pace, the lights, the fashion, and the boys. I think that it is quite the same as TLV but on a bigger scale. It is the grown-ups playground.

Where is your escape place from this city?
Just recently I’ve been to Siani (Egypt), It’s close and not an expensive getaway from the hectic city life and to enjoy the peace and quiet beaches.

Best 5 local advices?
1. Walk the city! Tel Aviv is super easy to walk and discover new and hidden spots.
2. Come during summer, Tel Aviv is very outdoorsy so when it rains it is less fun.
3. Eat street food in Tel Aviv. Even the not so good places are good. Do not be afraid to try.
4. Explore the nightlife, Tel Aviv never sleeps. Check out the clubs and bars. Don’t be early, everything starts late.
5. Try to go to the bars on Dizzengoff St. and meet random people. The TLV crowed is usually super friendly for tourists.
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