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A Local's Guide to Sofia, Bulgaria

Describe who you are in 3 sentences:
My name is Kristina Velkova, I am a passionate and detail oriented entrepreneur and co-founder of Vitaclean HQ with my awesome business partner Sara. I have a long history in the modeling and fashion world, I love tech, art, nature, reading, yoga and sunny destinations. I am also extremely passionate about wellness and my love for traveling took me around the world where I gathered inspiration, met incredible people and fueled my desire to create a life I love.

What is your relation to this city? 
I wanted to shine a light on Sofia, Bulgaria as it doesn’t often get enough attention. I was born there, moved to New York where I studied and now I live in London. I still often visit Bulgaria and always have a great time.

Best experience?
I got the chance to shoot for Harper's Bazaar and Moda magazine a few years back. For our Moda magazine editorial I was dressed in PaP boutique and got to shoot around the most historical and iconic buildings & monuments around the yellow brick road in Sofia’s city center: yellow cobblestones pave the road between the royal residence and the newly built National Assembly.

Weirdest experience?
Your top 3 hangout spots?
Sense Hotel”, “Made in Blue” and “Yoga Vibes Studio”.

Favourite restaurants?
The Happy Pig”.

Best date place?
I haven’t been on a date there yet!

Best Sunday spot?
The Little Things”!

If you were to live in another place, where would that be and why?
I actually lived and studied in New York from 2000 and moved back to Europe in 2016 to live in Milan, Paris and now London.

Best 5 local advices?
1. Stay at “Sense Hotel”, have some champagne on their rooftop bar at sunset, walk around the yellow paved road when you exit the hotel.
2. Have some brunch at the “Rainbow Factory” or “Made in Blue” (order the roasted peach and burrata salad!)
3. Take a yoga class at “Yoga Vibes Studio” and/or go for a run in South Park.
4. If you need to work take a day pass to work at “Soho” and have a coffee with a ‘fresh’ at “Raffy’s” or “Social” on Vitosha Boulevard.
5. If you have time go for a hike to the “Black Peak” on Vitosha Mountain or if you go in the winter and like to ski or snowboard go for a night ski. Definitely visit “The Little Things”, “The apartment” or “Made in Blue” for food.

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