A Local's Guide to Olso

A Local's Guide to Olso

Tell us about yourself in 3 sentences
My name is Kari, I am a former professional snowboarder who became an architect, but who now works full time as a psychic. I spend my summers in Oslo and my winters in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. I am a huge self-development nerd and love all things connected to personal growth!

Your work and passion?
My work is my biggest passion, and I truly feel I have found my purpose in this lifetime. As a psychic I specialize in helping people see and take steps towards their own life's purpose. We all have a unique path in life, but we won't find our path before we accept ourselves exactly as we are. I help people see themselves for who they truly are, and guide people towards their dreams. Our dreams in life are not random - they are big hints for how we can live in the most fulfilling way. You can find me at kariopsal.com and on Instagram @kariopsal

What is your relation to this city?
I was born and raised in Oslo. I've always looked at Oslo as the little sister of Stockholm and Copenhagen. The last years Oslo have blossomed, and every time I go home there is something new and cool going on. Oslo is unique because of its close proximity to nature - both the fjords and the woods.

Best experience?
Oslo has daylight for up to 19 hours in the summer. I love spending long dreamy summer days in total flow. Days where no plans are made - but everything aligns perfectly; meeting up with a group of friends, biking around the city, laughing, swimming in the fjord, eating good food, and then ending up at a fun party.

Your top 3 hangout spots?
I love hanging out at Oslo Raw, the best raw food cafe in Scandinavia in my opinion. I would say the same thing even if the founder and owner wasn't my best friend ;) They have an amazing vegan, raw and gluten free menu, and totally delicious cakes. 

On hot days I like to take a dip in the ocean at Sørenga Sjøbad.

It's also great to take the ferry out to the islands in the Oslo fjord, to take break from the city.

Favourite restaurants?
Ostebutikken - French Cham, small place so book a table.
Konoji and Izakaya - Japanese coolness  
Bon Lio - on the expensive end, but very good

Best date place?
My old neighbourhood bar, Merkur Bar

Best Sunday spot?
Walking around Grünerløkka, stopping by the vintage market at Birkelunden. Sometimes you find some gems, as people are selling everything from old vases and glasses to clothes.

If I feel like having a deep experience, I go to a gong bath at the Vigeland Mausoleum. A place with amazing acoustics and an interesting story.

Where do you go shopping?
I love Vintage shopping. Some of my favorites are:
Uff Vintage Heaven (be prepared to dig a little) 
Ma Vintage (more expensive vintage)
I also like ACNE Archive in Markveien, where they sell clothes from older seasons.

Where is your escape place from this city?
My escape place is the forest and nature surrounding the city. Take the metro all the way up to Frognerseteren, and go on a hike from there. I like to go to Skjennungstua, a cute cottage that sells food, pastry and coffee. I spent many Sundays there as a child hiking with my family.

Best 5 local advices?
1. The water in the tap is safe to drink.
2. Oslo is known for its good coffee.
3. Norwegians can be shy when it comes to talking to strangers, but don't let that keep you from starting conversations.
4. If you want to go to a bar or to a club, make sure you are there before 11 pm to get in. Norwegians start early!
5. Buying food and drinks at restaurants can be expensive, especially alcohol. If you want to buy liquor or wine outside of a restaurant, that can only be done at Vin Monopolet (the Wine Monopoly), which is located several places around the city.

What’s your favorite This Way product?
I love the lip balm, and I have my eyes on the silk sleep mask!
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