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A Local's Guide to Montenegro

Describe who you are in 3 sentences:
My name is Sandra. I am a Serbian girl from Montenegro who lives in Denmark. (Complicated? I think so) I work fulltime at the Local Government in a small town outside Copenhagen. My friends would describe me as a happy, warm and loving person with a hell of a Serbian temper.

What is your relation to this city?
Both of my parents are Serbs from Montenegro. My mom’s side of the family lives on the countryside in Montenegro, a peaceful place in the mountains where everything is green and organic, a place I visited many times as a kid. However, in this guide I will focus on the coast side of Montenegro.

Best experience?
My summer started at Podgorica airport where a local taxi driver called Ricardo picked me up. A speed of 180 km in the mountains, 100 sharp swings and 80 ‘jebem-ti-maters’ later (a Serbian swearword), I arrived to my apartment where my friend was waiting for me. I could mention so many things, from hiking in the mountains in the city of Kotor, to swimming in the crystal salty water at my favorite beach “Drobni Pijesak” to watching the sunset at restaurant "Nobu" in Sveti Stefan and experiencing the best concerts at the nightclub “Top Hill”. Every single day is just pure happiness.

Weirdest experience?
You can drive 142 km from the sunny coast of Montenegro to the ski resort in Kolasin. Therefore, whether you are a sucker for summer and beautiful beaches or winter snow and skiing you can do both things in Montenegro. How lucky are we?

Your top 3 hangout spots?

1. "PMYC pool" at Porto Montenegro in Tivat.
2. "La perla" in Tivat
3. "Astoria beach club" in Budva.

Favourite restaurants?
- "Byblos" in Tivat – amazing and delicious Lebanese food.
- "Hemingway" in Budva – the best creamy truffle pasta.
- "Nobu" at Sveti Stefan – go for the ‘black cod’ its a serious winner.

Best date place?
It depends on what you like to do on your date. I prefer a little walk to ‘Mogren Beach’, it’s a bit more private, than the other beaches in the area, with a bottle of wine, cigarettes, chilling, holding hands and looking at the stars. Otherwise, you can find some cute spots, bars and cafes in Budva Old Town or go for a dinner at restaurant "Hemingway" (ask for a table at the rooftop.)

Best Sunday spot?
- "Pura Vida lounge bar" (Drobni Pijesak)
- "Porto Montenegro" in Tivat
- Kotor City. Go for a hike in the mountains or explore the old city.
- Dukley Beach

If you were to live in another place, where would that be and why?
Belgrade, Serbia. Belgrade is one of Europe's best-kept secrets. Belgrade is also a very cheap place to visit. The city is on the mend, and the future looks promising. Thanks to its thriving nightlife and lively cafe culture, Belgrade is slowly emerging as one of the hottest destinations in Europe.

Where is your escape place from this city?
Berane! To visit my mom’s family.

Best 5 local advices?
1. There is lots of black taxi’s in Montengro, the best company is ‘Hello Taxi 19555’ be aware of the fake ones (Alo taxi, Halo taxi)
2. The best summer months in Montenegro is from June - end of August.
3. Rent a car – public transport is bad.
4. Always have cash on you.
5. The best beaches is Galija, Drobni Pijesak, Kraljicina Plaza, Kraljeva Plaza, Dukley Beach – stay away from Slovenska Plaza in Budva

What is your favorite This way product?
My favorite “This way product” is absolutely the 'Face sunscreen with matte tint'. It gives me such a beautiful glow, I’m seriously addicted to it.
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