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A Local's Guide to Mexico City, Mexico

Describe who you are in 3 sentences:
My name is Maria Palm, I work as a model, yogi and newly startet my new passion which is photography. I grew up surrounded by water and nature, which is where I feel my most best and free. I believe in karma, light/darkness and self-irony.

What is your relation to this city?
I came here first time in 2014, and have spend a lot of time in Mexico City since. The City holds a special place in my heart. I have had the most amazing, interesting and special experiences here. There is a beauty of colour explosion, history and such a strong culture.

Best experience?
So many to choose between - But one is going to Plaza de la Cuidadela and watch the elderly people of Mexico City dress up in fabulous clothing and dance danzón together.

Weirdest experience?
"Barba Azul" - a dance bar with oldschool mexican gutarband, girls you can rent for a dance, waiters in black tie and naked ladies painted in neon on the walls. Oh, and a popcorn machine.

Your top 3 hangout spots?
I love going to markets, my favorits: "Mercado Jamaica", "Lagunilla" & "Ciudadela". 

Favourite restaurants?
"Contramar", "El Parnita" & "Rosetta".

Best date place?
Take a walk in "Capultepec park", go by the food market, go paddleboating on the lake and maybe find 'Fuente De Tláloc' which is a gigantic fountain/sculpture of the aztec god of rain (Tláloc) made by Diego Rivera.

Best Sunday spot?
Go to one of the food markets, and the go relaxing and take a dip at the "Downtown hotel" roof.

If you were to live in another place, where would that be and why?
Well I live in Copenhagen, but I have considered Mexico City many times in the past, there is a different energy and a honest lifestyle, which I find very inspiring.

Where is your escape place from this city?
Go sailing at the floating gardens "Xochimilco". During the day it is peaceful and beautiful, by night all the boats are packed with private parties and mariachi bands.

Best 5 local advices?
Street food = best food, simple, cheap and delicious!
Places to visit:
- "Casa Gilardi", Luis Barragán
- "Museo Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo"
- "Luis Barragan stalls" in Cuadra San Cristobal
- "The Castle" in Chapultepec park
- "Sonora Market"

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