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A Local's Guide to London, England

Describe who you are in 3 sentences:
My name is Agata Woloszczuk and I am real estate developer, entrepreneur and currently working on a new project related to fashion and luxury goods. Polish born, educated in England. Art, fashion and food lover. Favorite sport laughing although I try to go to the gym too. I appreciate honesty, value optimism and good manners. I especially admire all the entrepreneurs, creative people and those who are involved in charitable work. I find travelling very exciting, I simply love adventures and new experiences.

What is your relation to this city?
London is a favourite city of my mum… and I fell in love with this amazing capital when I was a little girl travelling with her. Years later I ended up studying there and making my best friends. I spend lots of time there, I would call it definitely a city close to my heart.

Best experience?
I find pleasure in everything I do… but when it comes to London, the city has so much to offer, every contemporary and modern art exhibition visit is a treat, evenings I love spending with friends, sharing good food, wine and many laughs…

Weirdest experience?
Although London is a large buzzy capital it feels like a village in some ways… you seem to walk in to your friends wherever you go…

Your top 3 hangout spots?
I like so many places but those I go to the most often are Annabel’s, Arts Club or 5 Hertford, yes I know it makes me sound like a party girl… what can I do… I just love dancing and Margaritas … talking about cocktails Chiltern Firehouse and the bar at Connaught hotel are amazing.

Favourite restaurants?
I love food and I love going out. In my phone I have separate groups with contact details of my favourite restaurants organized by cities…this is my little black book. On my London list you will find restaurants like Zuma for Japanese cuisine, Zafferano for Italian, Arts Club for great food and atmosphere…omg they have the best tuna tartar in the world, you must try it! For Peruvian food, Margaritas and the best crab salad in the world is Coya, there is also life music on the weekends, seafood- Scotts- it is almost like an institution in London, for a special celebration Alain Ducasse, exceptional food and elegance but it is very formal 3 Michelin star restaurant, for Greek Milos or Mazi and my favourite burger in town is at Chiltern Firehouse, it is great especially with a Bloody Mary on the side…

Best date place?
All the restaurants I mentioned above are good for dates, but if you look for something romantic The Ledbury for dinner and martinis at The Connaught Hotel would be my choice, do not forget about west end, there are so many great plays and of course Royal Albert Hall is a special venue for a date…. For a bit of experience I would suggest The Waterside Inn- it is one hour car drive outside London.

Best Sunday spot? 
I live in Chelsea, therefore terrace of Chelsea Ivy Garden is my first choice, I do like to go sometimes to the Electric House (part of Soho House Group) in Notting Hill or Granger for Sunday brunch- the best ricotta pancakes in London…

If you were to live in another place, where would that be and why?
New York, New York, New York! Just because it is New York! The energy there always makes me so excited! I love also spending time in Los Angeles. It is such a creative place. I love it for it for a healthy lifestyle, vegan food, morning hikes and chilled atmosphere. It has it both, city and beach life combined… for those who don’t like choosing.

Where is your escape place from this city?
I love London and I don’t need any escape place from there… I travel so much during the year that I cheer every moment I am in London…and when my batteries are down I go for a detox, especially Ayurveda combined with meditation and yoga puts me back on my track.

Best 5 local advices?
1. Dress up!
2. Book restaurants in advance, all the popular places require booking a week or two in advance.
3. Don’t worry about the weather it does not rain as much as they say.
4. Try to see some plays, concerts or exhibitions… London is one of the cultural capitals!
5. The places I recommend are my favourite chic places located mainly in Mayfair, but try to go and see East London and spend some time in Notting Hill, it is also very cool, just wear sneakers, hang out in cool little shops, cafes and bars and simply walk around…

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