A Local's Guide to Ibiza

A Local's Guide to Ibiza

Tell us about yourself in 3 sentences
My Name is Sara Nory born in the funky 80’s, an Iranian/Swedish artist, yogi, an internationally renowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga + meditation and a past life Soul regressionist. I live between Costa Rica and parts of Europe throughout my year creating gatherings and art as it’s my highest passions.

Your work and passion?
Grateful to call my passion my work and right now I am working on creating life within me as I am expecting a baby girl. I still paint and draw frequently will continue to be in service of women creating retreats and dive into 1:1 mentorship programs with a deep dive into kundalini energy.

What is your relation to this city?
Ibiza island is my mama, I remember the first time I got out of the airport putting my feet on the land feeling like I finally found home. Since I was born in Iran and raised in Sweden, moved to New York and traveled around the world I never really felt a deep sense of belonging home anywhere but at the same time knowing home is everywhere on our planet. Ibiza and me have an intimate motherly relationship and for me that’s where I return to get a deeper understanding of myself again and again.

Best experience?
The heart and like minded people I bump into here almost always creates a feeling of deep connection to humanity for me. That is an experience that brings a trusting connection to life and meaning again and again.

Your top 3 hangout spots?
The Farm, Moon beach and the SPA at Six Senses

Favorite restaurants?
Balafia, Juntos, La Paloma and Boat house
Best date place?
If my date would create a nice picnic in the woods around the beautiful vibrant pine trees with the sounds of the crickets and view of the sea I would be very satisfied.

Best Sunday spot?
In Spain most places are closed on Sundays so it’s a perfect day to go for a nice hike along the hidden rocky coast.

Where do you go shopping?
Chai shop, La Galería El Elefante are some of my absolute favorites and Las Dalias market.

Where is your escape from this city?
Ibiza has a lot to offer from town and city vibes to complete nature treasures. I like to spend my alone time in a hidden cave along the sea to write, draw, and relax. Many times you can also swim nude which is very liberating.

Best 5 local advices?
1. Explore the island south and north
2. Park your car close to the coast and get lost
3. Visit markets and get locally produced veggies and fruits
4. Greet the people living locally on the island
5. Rent a car to get around

What’s your favorite This Way product?
I never paid attention to applying a thicker SPF on the sensitive areas of my face but when I tried For Your Precious Eyes it made a major difference in the after effect of the strong sun. I am often exposed too.
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