A Local's Guide to Ibiza

A Local's Guide to Ibiza

Tell us about yourself in 3 sentences
My name is Alba, I'm a happy person who enjoys traveling and working all over the world.
I'm a dreamer! Always try to manifest and work hard to make my dreams a reality.
I'm a friendly and familiar person. I enjoy having people I care about around me:)) <3

What is your work and passion?
In recent years, I have worked as a marketer, content creator, model, and concierge in Ibiza. My passion at work is to create. All of the work I've done has had a creative and flexible element to it. What I enjoy most about my job is that no two days are alike.

How do you feel about this city?
Because I was born in Ibiza, this is my safe place. Most people have a different perception of Ibiza; they believe it is only about partying on the island, but Ibiza is much more than that. It's an amazing energy island surrounded by nature and amazing beaches.

The best experience?
One of my favorite aspects of Ibiza is that it is a truly international destination. Every day, you can meet people from all over the world. As a consequence, I can now say that I have many friends all over the world.

What are your top 3 hangout spots?

If I need to go out on the weekend in Ibiza, I always check who the DJs are and where they are playing.

On weekends, I usually visit:
Pacha Club on a Friday or Saturdays.
Hi Club on Saturdays.
Blue Marlin on a Sunday afternoon.

Favorite restaurants?
1. Macao santa gertrudis - Italian restaurant with a cozy garden in the lovely town of Sant Gertrudis.
2. Jondal - Amazing mediterranean food in a cool setting by the beach.
3. El Carmen Restaurant - A traditional Ibizan restaurant. You will be able to eat the best fish paella you have ever had!

Best date place?
In Ibiza, there are numerous options for a romantic date.
If I had to pick one, I would go with Hostal La Torre in San Antonio.
It's a hostel in the most beautiful sunset location. It's an ideal spot for a romantic dinner with a view of the sunset.

Best Sunday spot?
If I had to pick a perfect Sunday spot, it would depend on the time of year.
In the Summer, go to El Carmen restaurant and order a traditional Paella with fish. The beach and the famous Es Vedrá rock are right in front of this delicious restaurant. So, after a delicious lunch, you can go see the sunset.

Another lovely wintertime plan is to visit the hippie markets of Las Dalias or San Juan and then have tapas at Can Anneta's traditional bar. A typical Ibiza bar from the 1970s.

Where do you go shopping?
If I need to shop in Ibiza, I always go to Ibiza Town. There are so many different shops. I always try to shop locally and in small stores. Amazing clothes can also be found at the Las Dalias market.

Where is your escape place from this island?
When Ibiza is overcrowded in July and August, we frequently take a fast ferry to Formentera, an island nearby.
The color of the water is breathtaking. It's similar to the beaches of the Caribbean.

If we need to get away from the island and experience more city vibes, we can easily travel to Madrid or Barcelona! Flight time is less than an hour!

Best 5 local advices?
If you visit Ibiza in the Summer, try to rent a car. The island is extremely crowded during the summer, making it difficult to find a taxi.

1. If you come in the Summer, try to book the restaurant ahead of time!
2. Try to visit the calitas (small beaches). There are fewer people and the sea is beautiful!
3. The months of June and September are ideal for visiting the island.
4. Go local and try to eat traditional food!
5. Be ready to have the best days of your life ;))!!!
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