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A Local's Guide to Corfu, Greece

Describe who you are in 3 sentences: 
Hello beautiful souls, I’m Christina Pikoula, Personal Coach from Corfu Greece and creator of the personal development diary “365+1 Happy Choices”.

What is your relation to this city? 
I was born on Corfu island, and I feel lucky! Because of my studies and my career I lived many years away from this paradise. Now, I’m looking forward to moving back to my hometown and making a new start.

Best experience? 
Easter in Corfu is my favorite experience, the colors, the tastes and the sounds all put this place at the top of travel destinations at Easter. It’s too crowded but you can still find places to enjoy the sea view while drinking ouzo.

Weirdest experience? 
Weird but lovely the way the clothes are dried on ropes from one house to another, like the Italians style.

Your top 3 hangout spots?
I really enjoy meeting my friends and strolling around the old town and especially being at Liston, then sitting at “Bristol” for a coffee or a drink.
We like walking in 'Mon Repo Palace', the old palace is always a good place to be in nature, walking and diving at the private beach.
In summer “Imabari” is our favorite spot with amazing views of the Old Fortress, swimming and relaxing with tasty cocktails.

Favourite restaurants? 
La Famiglia” is my favorite restaurant over the past two decades, you can taste real Italian food in a warm and cozy atmosphere. If we want to drink margaritas with the girls then all roads lead to “La Tabernita Mexicana”, and if we want to taste some wine we will choose “Salto” the wine bar.

Best date place?
Scheria Restaurant”, unique flavors of the international cuisine, at the terrace of Corfu Palace Hotel facing the beautiful and calm Garitsa Bay. Try it with a full moon and let me know about your experience.

Best Sunday spot? 
In summer we like to stay all day at the beach and then visit “Toula” the most famous tavern in Corfu at Agni Beach, for fresh fish and amazing service.

If you were to live in another place, where would that be and why?
I would love to live in Bali and India for a while just to learn meditation and relaxation techniques for my clients. I hope to be there soon!

Where is your escape place from this city? 
My escape place since I was very young is Kanoni, the breathtaking view and the sea is always a combination that helps me to relax very easily.

Best 5 local advices?
1. Try to find accommodation in the city of Corfu or 2-3 km around.
2. Visit the “Asian Art Museum” and “Achilleion Palace”.
3. The best sunset is in Persoulades at “7 Heaven”.
4. Stop for an ice cream at “Papagiorgis Patisserie”.
5. Don’t leave the island without tasting 'pastitsada' the traditional food.

What’s your favorite This Way travel product?
This way silk sleeping mask.

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