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A Local's Guide to Adelaide, Australia

Describe who you are in 3 sentences:
My name is Nadine Maman, and I am a Danish/Israeli mix living in Adelaide, South Australia. I work as a Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach and am the co owner of my Company, Orenda Health. I love helping others to live a happier and healthier life, whilst always seeking new adventures and building connections in our ever expanding, worldwide community.

What is your relation to this city?
I first came to Adelaide in 2014, after spending years in Cairns, I quickly feel in love with the European feel Adelaide has. Not a small city, yet not a big city, some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. "The festival State", must visit in March (also known as 'Mad March'), amazing fringe shows and great concerts. I met the love of my life, started my own Holistic Health company and never looked back.

Best experience?
"WOMADelaide Festival" dancing to Ester Rada and sailing around the Murray River in a houseboat!

Weirdest experience?
Having grown up with so many White Christmases in Denmark, it was so weird to celebrate Christmas on beach and see the decorations in 35 degrees summer for the first time.

Your top 3 hangout spots?
"Plant 4 Bowden", "The Garden of the Unearthly Delights", "The Central markets

Favourite restaurants?
"Concubine", "Golden Boy", "Singapore House"

Best date place?
"Open Air cinema" at the Botanical Gardens.

Best Sunday spot?
"Showground Farmer’s Market" buying fresh produce for the week, while listening to live music and drinking coffee.

If you were to live in another place, where would that be and why?
Copenhagen (in summer time) – my safe haven, fairy tales and love being able to ride my bike everywhere.
Where is your escape place from this city?
The beautiful Kangaroo Island only 2 hours drive from Adelaide followed by at 45 min ferry ride. A total must visit place when in South Australia. However my escape place from the city in the city is the little hidden gem The Japanese Gardens.

Best 5 local advices?
1. Hike Mount Lofty
2. Wine tasting at "McLaren Vale"
3. Go watch the sunset at Moana Beach
4. Swimming with dolphins down at Glenelg
5. Scuba Dive with leafy sea dragons at Rapid Bay jetty
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